Friday, 27 March 2015


We are looking forward to welcoming your child, dressed in either your national country’s dress or dressed in the colours of the flag, on Tuesday morning by 8:30am. This will allow us enough time to get ready for the Flag Parade that starts at 9:00am.

This week the Toddlers explored more facts about birds. On Monday they enjoyed videos and interactive games on the smart board. The following days they made birds and decorated colourful  parrots. We hung them up in class and now it is even more bright and cheerful J
During the circle times we read nice stories about birds  “Are You My Mother?” by P.D. Eastman and ‘’The Grumpy Bird’’ by Jeremy Tankard.  Luckily the Toddlers admitted that they feel rather happy and silly and not grumpy at all.

Also, our young students continued to strengthen their colour and shapes recognition skills, and demonstrated their good knowledge of English as they named different pets words and matched pets to pet houses.

In addition to our daily learning and playing the Toddlers practiced being neat and tidy. They were so good with cleaning up that they were rewarded many house points for helping to get class in order. Well done!

Preschool 1a
This was a special week for Preschool 1a students, for five reasons. 

The first: on Monday children made a lovely heart shaped book and celebrated Elisa’s fourth birthday! Happy birthday Elisa! 

The second: on Wednesday we welcomed a new girl, Eseniya, to our group! We all are happy and very excited to have Eseniya with us for the rest of the school year! Welcome to our new friend! 

The third: Noga’s mummy shared with Preschool 1a students a special Jewish festivity and tradition, Purim. Chidren listen, and participated by using instruments, in a traditional tale told through costumes in English and Hebrew!  Afterwards we also dressed up in costumes and decorated special snack bags (with traditional chocolate filled cookies) that we made for a friend in class. We learned to give this gift to our friend, and kindly receive one from another friend. Sharing is fun! 

The fourth: we learned many new things about pet that can fly in the air... birds! We have made colourful parrots, three dimensional birds, and even prepared lovely birds nest that we might even sometimes see in the nature around us!

The fifth: we had a flag parade dress rehearsal for the upcoming International Days and children were very impressed to see so many beautiful  and colourful flags. We are looking forward to seeing your child, dressed in either your national country’s dress or dressed in the colours of the flag, on Tuesday morning by 8:30am. This will allow us enough time to get ready for the Parade that starts at 9:00am.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

Preschool 1b
The children in preschool 1b proved their excellent communication skills this week both as listeners and as speakers. Every child gave a little presentation about the special pet they had chosen. They had prepared a checklist together with their teachers earlier on and using those they told their classmates what colour their pet is, how many legs it has, what it likes to eat, where it lives and more.

This week we also focused on the last big group of pets, on birds. Ms Valda had once again prepared wonderful art projects through which the children found out more about birds. See the beautiful feathered canary birds and the lovely chick prints displayed in our classroom!

Last but not least we took the time to reflect a little bit on our past units in general and on our current Unit of Inquiry before it comes to a close. The children shared really good reflections and knowledgeable comments with us!

Preschool 2
On Monday we went to the forest again.  It was a colder day than the previous time we went, but the hot chocolate helped to stay warm.  Children, as always, enjoyed the time being there.  Busy as bees they built forest houses, climbed up trees, ran up and down the hills.

This week’s unit focus was on birds.  Come and have a look!  At the end of the week we all had small presentations about pet groups.  We worked in small groups of 2-5 people to show the others what the needs of pets are, how we take care of pets, and what those pets like and enjoy.  

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