Friday, 13 March 2015


This was our final week focusing on pets that live on land. On Monday Ms Ruta’s rabbit Fluffy spent the day in Preschool 1b. All children came to see him and found out that rabbits need special food, fresh carrots, and water from a special bottle. Rabbits also need lots of hay.

On Thursday we went on a field trip to the horse stables in Alderi. We saw many big horses, saw their stables, paddocks, trailers for traveling, and found out how people take care of their horses. The highlight for the children was to feed sugar cubes, apples, and carrots to the horses!

This week has been exciting for Toddlers! We continued to explore the unit of inquiry ‘’Pets’’, and students were curious to find out more about the horses as we introduced the topic to them. They created arts & crafts horses and doing so further developed their cutting skills by cutting play dough with scissors. On Thursday Toddlers went on the field trip to visit the horses. On this visit to the stables they learnt that horses like to eat carrots and apples but their favourite snack is a little piece of sugar! This week we also celebrated a happy event. One of our Toddlers turned three year old. Happy Birthday, Laima!

Preschool  1a
This week Preschool  1a students started with a little cutting, colouring, and matching activity – what food certain animal eat as well as what the basic needs of a pet are?  The results were pleasing – after some discussions the students could often match the right pictures together! Well done, Preschool 1a!
We have also continued the Language Arts program with the new sounds “e”, “l” and “h”. Ask your children at home who is Alphy and how to say in Alphy-talk, for example, the word “me” –‘’mmm’’ ‘’ee’’, ‘’me’’. Children learned not only how to say the letter sounds, but also how to write it down with their magic finger (in the air, on their knee, or even on their partner’s back). Preschool 1a children also continued to learn number symbols, counting objects, as well as putting the numerals in the right order on the number line. You are welcome to practise with your child at home too!
Thank you very much to Knut’s mummy for the possibility to visit the horse stables in Alderi! This field trip was related to our current Unit of inquiry “Pets” and children demonstrated real courage when they approached a horse and offered it a sugar cube or apple during the field trip to the stables. Knut’s family are taking care of a beautiful horse Estella.
Have a wonderful weekend and we are looking forward to seeing all children again at school on Monday, happy and healthy!

Preschool 1b
Preschool 1b enjoyed having the rabbit Fluffy in class. Apart from rabbits we also looked into mice as pets and were of course excited about our field trip to the horse stables. In preparation for this the children sorted farm animals and pets that live in the house. During our P.E. lesson, right before the field trip, Mr Joel had prepared a horse stable and hockey sticks as hobby horses to ride!
On Friday we looked at the photos from the field trip and the children reflected on what they saw and learned. We heard some really good reflections and our children proved once more to be real thinkers:
“Horses eat carrots, apples, hay and sugar.”
“Sugar is like candy for the horses. They like candy, just like us!”
“They have a playground in the stable. They can run and jump and step into tires when the weather is bad outside.”
“People brush the horses’ fur, because they like to be clean.”

Preschool  2
This week we have continued to explore pets that live on the “land”. In our class we made turtles. With Ms Valda we made our own pretend pets using corn puffs.
Then it was time for sorting! Where do pets live? And how are they different? Do all live on land? Of course not! Some need water and some can fly up in the air! J
We also discussed what are the different needs of pets and how we can take care of them. One question though still remains unanswered: WHY do we have pets? We’ll continue our inquiry next week! 

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