Friday, 6 March 2015


This week started off with a visit from the Stradiņu University medical students and a wonderful hands on workshop ‘Teddy Bear Hospital’. Children enjoyed working in partners or even one-to-one with a medical student who showed the equipment used by doctors and nurses. We learned the use and importance of x-ray machines, microscopes, tooth hygiene, masks, surgeons dressing gowns and gloves, stethoscopes, and medicine. In return, the medical students gained experience to work together with a younger population! What a great exchange of experience and knowledge!

On Wednesday everybody enjoyed a visit from Ms Ieva’s pet dog Reina. Reina showed us some impressive tricks and even used her ‘inside voice’ (barked very quietly) when asked to bark!!! Even the children who were a little shy or even a bit scared at the beginning really fell in love with this wonderful pet and asked when she will visit again! Thanks for coming!

The week concluded with a Preschool Cats and Dogs party where each child dressed up as either one or the other. We identified, in a VENN diagram, the similarities and differences of cats and dogs; imitated their movements, sound, and actions; and watched a video how a dog chases a cat! Finally, at the end of the day, the Preschool 2 children shared their hand made and baked ‘dog bone’ cookies with all Pre-schoolers. Yummy!

This week we had interesting guests visiting us.  On Monday the ‘Teddy Bear Hospital’ arrived and children had the opportunity to check their favourite animal toy’s health.  Now Toddlers know that their toys feel well and healthy! On Wednesday we had an unusual visitor – Ms Ieva brought her dog Reina to school. Reina showed children what amazing tricks she can do. Toddlers also explored more about cats in the classroom. They made arts & crafts creating cat’s masks. On Friday we celebrated a joyful event. Ekaterina turned three year old. Happy Birthday, Ekaterina!

Preschool 1a
This week Preschool 1a students have learned many things about dogs. How can we take care of dogs? Feed them, give our love to them, as well as give them a shelter. We also learned about other different animals and pets that live in the sky and in water such as fish, turtles, frogs, birds and many more.
Children have brought in photographs of their cats and dogs and we have enjoyed looking for them on the display board in the school entrance! Thank you also to Matīss’ family who filmed a video about their energetic dog Shanti! Shanti show how he could run and jump over obstacles just like horses do!
We practiced our listening, and gluing and cutting fine motor skills as we made a paper bag pet dog and a plasticine bunny in Ms Valda’s Art lesson. Children carefully followed instructions and the order in which to assemble the puppy (ears, nose, eyes, tongue, collar and bone). Children particularily liked listening to and admiring the pictures from Hairy Maclary Scattercat by Lynley Dodd.
During the course of the week children also made a hand print dog and trained their fine motor skills by cutting and gluing a dog’s house from different shapes. A dog also needs a collar so… children practiced their lacing skills by making a dog collar out of macaroni. They enjoyed making a bigger dog’s house and many children were very enthusiastically about painting it. Children also have practised their mathematic skills by recognising numbers up to 10 in a random order and finding the appropriate number by counting objects.
Teddy Bear Hospital on Monday.  Pictures from the Teddy Bear Hospital workshop can be enjoyed in the Preschool 1a ISR website gallery:

This was another busy and fantastic week and we all are looking forward to having nice, sunny spring days soon. Enjoy you weekend!

Preschool 1b
This week has been full of fun learning activities about pets that live on land. On Tuesday Preschool 1b welcomed Monty, a cat, to their classroom. And a big ‘thank you’ to Ms Kim Matthes for suggesting visiting us with her lovely cat. He was really friendly, curious, and loved being petted by many little hands!

During circle time we reflected upon things Ms Ieva’s dog Reina likes and needs. Some reflections included: a collar, toys and bones.

We received an e-mail from our friend Lucy in England on Thursday! It contained a photo and the children were very happy to see her again. Of course we got together and composed an e-mail in reply and took a photo for her too.

This week we have also been working on the concept of patterns. The children explored patterns made from black, white and spotted cats as well as from colourful pegs. In the Music lesson Ms Ruta and the Preschool 1b children made musical patterns, too. We even lined up in a pattern: girl-boy-girl-boy. Patterns are everywhere!

Preschool 2
During Ms Valda’s Art class the Preschool 2 students made dogs on wheels in wagons. These have been popular throughout the Preschool level!  We have participated in dances and different movements during Music class as well.

On Friday we had an extremely busy and fun day.  The morning began with rolling out dough and cutting out cookies for our dog-cat-party later that day.  Then we continued with Marat’s presentation about his latest trip to Italy.  He shared photos, experiences and chocolate! Following this presentation we celebrated Lorenzo’s birthday with a real musketeer in our class!  Together we enjoyed games and a delicious cake!

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