Friday, 20 March 2015

During this week we have continued to explore Pets... pets that live in water!
It was a special treat as Ms Ruta’s Gold fish came to visit the Pre-schoolers and spent a wonderful time in the Preschool 1 room.

Another week in Toddlers has raced by! Toddlers were curious to explore and find out more about fish listening to a story ‘’ Not Norman. A Goldfish Story’’ written by Kelly Bennett.  On Wednesday they went to visit Ms Rūta’s pet goldfish.  Students demonstrated developing skills of working together when they created a big fish tank and filled it with different fish which they made by themselves. The little ones also continued to learn about different colours when playing a color matching game about fish! On Friday we had a nice celebration! One of our Toddlers turned three year old. Happy Birthday, Simeon!

Preschool 1a
In relation to our currect Unit of Inquiry, this week Preschool 1a students learned about fish and other pets that live in water, for example, turtles.
On Monday children practised their fine motor scills by coloring and cutting a turtle. On Tuesday Preschool 1a students worked on a bigger class project – creating a classroom aquarium – as well as on their own smaller aquariums. This activity has continued for the duration of the week as we needed to add water (brushing blue paint), sand (scattering sand on the glue at the bottom of the tank), sea weed (fingerpainting green paint), fish (colouring three dimentional fish forms), and assembling the project with hot glue and other decorations. During the Art lesson with Ms Valda students made and colored 3-Dimentional fish and a turtle in a My-turn, your-turn drawing strategy. Even the Music class was about fish – please enjoy the nice fish song! Video
This was another busy and productive week. Enjoy the weekend!

Preschool 1b
In preschool1 b the week started with a walking fieldtrip. We went around the neighbourhood to look for pets. Unfortunately we didn’t encounter any cats, however, we saw and heard many dogs. One lady that was walking her dog even let the children pet her friendly pet.

On Wednesday it was Helene’s birthday. She did a good job during her Birthday circle, during which she proved that she truly is a big, four year old girl now. She received a book with heart shaped drawings from all her friends. Later she shared a yummy, colourful parrot cake with everybody! Thank you and Happy Birthday, Helene!

Since this week was all about pets, Ms Ruta taught us some wonderful new songs. One of Preschool 1b’s favourite tunes this week is this funny fish song:
Preschool 2
We started this week with our first Waldkinder forest trip this semester.  It was a super sunny day and we were able to enjoy every single minute in the woods.  We spotted some bugs and explored the natural surroundings, we built houses and shelters of sticks, branches and moss. We enjoyed our snack and lunches in the sunshine.  We ran like crazy, rolled and played tag!
During class time we focussed on the pets that live in the water. We read the story of The Rainbow fish written by Marcus Pfister.  Along with this, we created a huge aquarium on our classroom wall, decorated it and put some fish in it.  Come and have a look!
The song "I’m a fish" has helped us to imagine how it feels to be a fish. Do they take showers? Brush their teeth? Or ride their bikes?
Finally, during free play time we have engaged in role-play games with each other pretending to be or to have various pets.

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