Friday, 13 February 2015

Science and Technology week 9 - 13 Febuary 2015

This is the first year we experience a Science and Technology week at ISR!
During this week the students at ISR learnt about many different topics and the Preschool children specifically learnt facts and uses of water, steam, snow, ice, and sand. Children were allocated to mixed age groups and, together with their group, enjoyed a new topic each day. Many guests from all around the school came in for different activities and engaged the children in exciting learning experiences! Thank you, Ms Una, Ms Ruta, Ms Valda, Mr Tony, Mr Nolan, Mr Joel, Ms Jenna, Ms Maria, Ms Liga, Ms Ginta, Ms Lauma and of course our „shadow” Abby!

Another thrilling event this week was our field trip to the fire fighters department, rounding up our recent unit about „Jobs that people do”.

Preschool 1b also celebrated Simon’s 4th birthday this week. Happy birthday Simon!

Reminder: Ski break coming up, no school from 16th – 20th February 2015
After ski break we’ll be starting our new Unit of Inquiry about pets.

But now, back to Science and Technology week! Some facts we have learnt this week include:


WATER is an important resource for all living things on our plant. Did you know that the earth surface is seven parts water and three parts land? Water can be found in oceans, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Water can be used for drinking, bathing, washing clothes, cooking, putting out fires, making electricity and many other things! Water can be beautiful, magical, and fun! What colour is water? What happens when we add food colouring to water?  What happens when we add oil to the water... will they mix together? Have you ever tried to pour water in a glass, place cardboard over the lip of the glass, and turn it upside down (then remove your grip of the cardboard)... it’s magic... the water will stay in the glass!!!  Have you ever tried to explore water with objects that float and sink?  We folded paper boats and watched them float!


How does ice feel? We bought ice into the room and held it in our hands. It felt (children comments) Cold, hard, they (ice cubes) don’t like warm, melting
In the ice room we have been exploring ice in many fun ways. First we watched some time lapse videos on of ice formation. It was so nice! Then we held little ice cubes in our hands. We learned that ice is smooth, hard and very, very cold; it’s made of water and melts in warm hands. We also melted ice by pouring hot and cold water on it. Did you know that hot water makes the ice melt so much faster than the cold water? Then we poured some salt on ice – as we counted to 10 the ice started to melt and became very rough. Then we painted the rough ice cubes using food colours. It was all so much fun!
On Tuesday Preschool 2 made very tasty ice cream with Ms Maria. It turns out that all you need to make an ice-cream is milk and vanilla sugar, ice cubes, salt and zip-lock bags.
On Thursday we made stick houses with Ms Maria. We used glue and small sticks. Well, we certainly enjoy building in Preschool2!


In the snow room everybody had a chance to touch different materials that look like snow. Shredded paper looks white, but doesn’t feel soft. Cotton balls look like white snow balls, are soft to the touch, but not cold. Real snow is white, soft and cold! We did some research on Youtube and learned a lot from the videos.
-          Snow is like rain, because it’s falling from the clouds to the ground.
-          Snow falls in winter, because in winter it is cold.
-          Snowflakes are always six-sided and no two snowflakes look the same.
-          When little drops of water freeze, they can stick together and form a snowflake.
For more information, re-watch these great videos with your child:

Our experiments in the classroom showed that
-          if you leave snow balls in the classroom, the snow turns into water – it melts!
-          you can paint snow using water colours

We had many guests in the Snow room, too! Ms Ruta came on Monday and taught us new winter songs. We even acted out a snow ball fight with cotton balls! Ms Valda joined us on Thursday and like real chemists we all mixed together different powders and liquids to make wobbly white goop, that looks and feels a little bit like snow. She had also prepared everything for the children to make a “blizzard in a jar” (also known as a snow globe).

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