Friday, 27 February 2015


“Pets” – a new, exciting Unit of Inquiry has started in Preschool this week!

The Central idea is “The way we care for our pets affect their lives.”

Lines of inquiry:                  Different kinds of pets and their characteristics
           The needs of pets
           Our responsibility towards the pets we have

We started the Pets unit on Monday with a preschool assembly. The teachers brought pictures of their pets and told the curious preschool children all about them.

We also started a big research project together to find out what different pets the members of our ISR community own. You’ll probably have noticed the big display board next to the side entrance of the school. It is starting to fill up with all kinds of different pet that live on land, swim in the water or fly in the sky. Thank you to everyone who has already posted a photo!

Reminder: We will have the Teddy bear hospital visiting us next Monday, March 2nd. Please encourage your child to bring a “sick” soft toy to school on Monday, so the teddy bear doctors can make it better!

This week we continued building our knowledge in the Language Arts programme, Success For All, with more reading and Alphie teaching us the letter sounds ‘n’, ‘p’, ‘g’, ‘c’, and ‘k’. Well done everyone!


After returning back to school from the ski break, Toddlers started to explore their new unit of inquiry ‘’Pets’’. On Tuesday morning they watched the assembly about the teachers pets. This week the Toddlers explored dogs and how people take care of them. Students read stories about dogs, enjoyed watching a movie about the little puppy Spot: and continued this learning with an arts and crafts activity on our display board. Come have a look!

Preschool 1a

This week Preschool 1a students have started our new unit of inquiry “Pets”.  All week pre-schoolers were learning about different kinds of pets, what pets eat, were do they live and how can we care about them. We also explored different farm animals and their needs. They tried to differentiate which animals live in a house in the city and which animals live in on a farm in the country side. Students enjoyed learning about and recognising different animal sounds.
During this first week of the Unit our pre-schoolers have focused on cats. They trained their fine motor skills by working with plastercine and making their own cats and cat’s bowls. Children where challenged when learning to tie knots when making a cat’s toy with paper, fabric, string, and a popsicle stick. During Ms Valda’s Art lesson children also made beautiful cat’s masks.
Books that we have enjoyed during classroom story time week included: The Cat’s Vacation by Irene Schoch, and Llynley Dodd’s books including Slinky Malinki Catflaps, Slinky Malinki, and Scarface Claw. We also liked Ms Legzdiņas Library session where she read Clifford the Little Red Dog by Norman Bridwell. Children enjoyed the process of “reading a book” as well as learning how to work with the book scanner when borrowing a book from the library.

Finally, this week we also had a birthday girl – Noga turned 4! Happy Birthday, Noga!!! We celebrated this event together with the class and tasted the heart shaped cake after we all shared our heart shaped book with her. Thank you very much, Noga’s mummy for sharing with our pre-schoolers!

Preschool 1b

Preschool 1b has tried to find the answers to three questions this week. First, “What is a pet?” After the teachers assembly the children sorted pictures of wild animals and pets into two different columns and concluded that some animals can live with people, but others are too big or too dangerous.

The second question was “Where do pets live/sleep?” The children proved to be thinkers when matching a dog with a dog house, a cat with its basket, a bird and a cage and a fish with its fish tank.

At the end of the week the children reflected during circle time on what they had found out about pets and we found answers to the third question – “How do we take care of our pets?” Answers included giving them food and water, playing with them, being at home with them, sleeping next to them and petting them.

During art class we also made a smaller version of our big land-water-sky poster and sorted different pets and identified where they belong.

Preschool 2

Since the new unit of inquiry is about pets, we started by a fun activity on Monday trying to decide what animals are pets and what – not. It was quite easy with the cat and dog, but when it came to an elephant – well, can elephant be a pet? Hm, I guess it depends where you live!

During our Art lesson we made our very own pretend cat pets. They look so lovely and real! 

On Friday we had Otto’s dog Lotte visiting preschool during the outside recess time. It was so exciting to watch her do tricks, like, finding her ball that we hid someplace in the playground. We were also very eager to practise our "petting skills" – from head to tail, from head to tail… Lotte’s fur is so soft! It was interesting to find out what Lotte eats and how Otto’s family takes care of her every day.

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