Sunday, 1 February 2015

26 - 30 January

This week started with a special adventure for all Toddlers and Preschoolers: Knut’s dad came to tell us about his job as a pilot and took us on a simulated flight from Stavanger to Riga! On entering the airplane – our multi-purpose middle room – everybody had to show their tickets to Knut’s mummy and then take a seat in one of the rows of chairs. Our captain welcomed us on board and introduced us to his first officer Knut (did you know that pilots have four stripes on their shoulder badges, but co-pilots three?). Knut’s daddy showed us what a cockpit looks like and told us that the fuel is stored in the wings of the plane!  The children could look around the cabin of a plane and watch videos of the safety instructions, take-off and landing of a plane on the Smart Board. Thank you Knut’s daddy and mummy for this exciting morning! Well done Knut!

This week we also continued the Language Art programme with two new sounds – the “s”, and the “d” sounds. Here are links for the songs, if you would like to sing along together with your children at home:

Another busy week in Toddlers has raced by! On Monday Toddlers, together with other Preschool students, received flight tickets and boarded the plane. They found out more about a Pilot’s job and took a smooth flight to Riga. On Tuesday children enjoyed the music lesson and played the piano and ukuleles, and continued making their Numbers Book. Students also became builders and found out more about a builder’s job creating different houses, by doing arts and crafts, and playing with big blocks. Well done!

Preschool 1a
After the exciting introduction to planes and pilots by Knut’s daddy, we enjoyed being builders during the PE lesson. Mr Joel and Ms Marlēna guided the group to build a bridge from one side of the room to the other. We were to build it by placing various objects in front of us (hoops, rings, and mats) but ensuring that we only walk on these objects and not touch to floor (or else the crocodiles would eat us up!). We passed objects from one to the next and watched the bridge stretch and stretch! What fantastic COOPERATION and TEAM WORK!!
In music the children learned about the rhythm, that we can clap hands, stamp our feet, or use special musical instruments to make a certain rhythm. When accompanied with the guitar and voice it really sounds great!
During Library Ms Legzdiņa read to us a book about a firefighter and later in the week we explored other Jobs that people do, such as: a mail delivery person, train conductor, police officer, boat captain, and teacher. Postman Pat and Busy Town were also enjoyed:, and
Ms Valda led the children in creating a fire fighters scene, water putting out a house on fire, as well as showed the children how to create colourful mandalas. Very creative artists!

Preschool 1b
Inspired by our plane ride, Preschool 1b worked busily on making their own airplane models as a one-on-one morning project. Ms Valda had a My-turn-your-turn drawing project for the children in Art class, come and see the wonderful airplanes with pilots and passengers on display in the preschool area!
This week everyone in Preschool 1b also enjoyed a fun circle time reflecting upon different jobs. The children proved to be knowledgeable by matching pictures of a policeman, a fire fighter, a doctor, a builder and a chef with the items they need for their job. They also identified the appropriate hat for each of the professions. Some of the children knew that builders need to wear helmets to protect their heads from falling objects. Ms Zoja and Ms Britta demonstrated this – when a (soft) brick fell on Ms Britta’s helmet, nothing bad happened, but when it fell on Ms Zoja’s head without the helmet it hurt her! Luckily we had many little nurses and doctors all around, who took her to the hospital corner in the classroom, went down to Ms Sarmite, our school nurse, to get an ice pack for her head and applied a scarf bandage. Of course, all accompanied with a loud “nee noo nee noo” siren sound!

Preschool 2
This week we have done a lot of building – during outside recess every day we built our own restaurant, making three course dinners for those attending; indoors we continued going shopping (we obviously must love food! J), and making various small shops.
On Tuesday we made colourful play-dough and used it as cement. We added small rocks as bricks and we built our own houses during Art lesson.  
On Thursday we said fare-well to our friend Zuzanna. We all sat in a circle and said our wishes, like, "I wish you a big new house!" "I wish you many new friends" "I wish you good friends!" "I wish you could come and visit me and we would eat candies together!" etc… We will miss having you with us, Zuzanna! We truly hope you and your family have a great time in South Africa!

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