Friday, 6 February 2015

2 - 6 Febuary 2015

This has been another exciting week in Preschool! We continued the Language Art program with the new sounds “t”, “i”, “n” and “p”. Here are the links for the songs you can sing along at home together with your children:,, .
Next week we have our science and technology week where children will be able to do different experiments with water, sand, ice, and snow as well as do many other exiting activities around the school. We are looking forward to see all Preschool students! Have a great weekend!

This week Toddlers continued to explore jobs that people do. The little ones found out all about a painter’s job. They listened to a story ‘’The Dot’’, written by Peter H. Reynolds and were curious to explore this job by creating their own paintings. The children also learned to recognise a circle by doing arts & crafts - creating a ball from circles.

Preschool 1a 
This week started off with celebrating Yin Ling’s fourth birthday! Happy Birthday!
Then, Preschool 1a students continued to learn about different Jobs that people do. Monday began with a painting project where children coloured the cockpit of an airplane. During the week our classroom transformed into an airplane and every child had the opportunity to fly the airplane. Well done pre-schoolers!
On Tuesday children made their own maracas and on Wednesday they could play the self-made music instrument in the music lesson together with Ms Rūta. That was a great performance! On Tuesday we also had a special visitor – Helene’s (Preschool 1b) daddy, who came in to share very interesting facts about his job. He showed children what an army parade uniform looks like and showed what things you have in an army guy backpack. Thank you, Helene’s daddy, for sharing this also with Preschool 1a children!
This week our pre-schoolers were also introduced to the schools security guard Mr Mārtinš, who explained that his job is to protect the children and school from bad people. The children reflected that security guards, army people, as well as fire-fighters, policemen and pilots all wear special clothes called uniforms.
The whole week Preschool 1a students were reflecting on the jobs that people do at home, at school and in the wider community as well as they started to think what job they would like to do in the future. We have some future pilots, footballers as well as queens and doctors! Ask your child at home about his/her dream job!

Preschool 1b

The week started off with Katrīna’s birthday on Monday. She was proud to tell that she is four years old now and proved to be a big, knowledgeable girl during her birthday circle. Later she shared a beautiful “Frozen” cake with all her friends. Happy birthday, Katrīna.

On Tuesday Helene’s daddy visited us to tell us about his job as a captain in the army. He came with a huge, heavy backpack full of the things he needs when he goes into the woods. He had a lunch box and a bottle, just like the pre-schoolers, but everything was green, so that he can’t be spotted in the forest. The children were excited to try on the big hat and belt of his parade uniform. In the end we even learned to march like a soldier. Thank you, Helene’s daddy!

We also got to know our new security guard Mr Mārtinš who told us how he makes sure we are all safe!

On Friday a hair dresser’s corner appeared in Preschool 1b and there was a lot of pretend hair cutting, washing and styling going on!

After inquiring into so many interesting jobs that people do, we could really see a lot of imaginative play in the classroom. We had fire fighters, police men, chefs, hair dressers, builders, … During art class everyone chose one job they like best and made a poster titled “I want to be a …”. The children did a great job creatively reflecting upon their favourite job!

Preschool 2
This week we continued to explore different jobs that people do and thought about what we could do when we grow up! There are so many exciting options and opportunities! Well, when we grow up, we want to be: a pilot (piloting police airplanes!), policeman, taxi driver, shop assistant, mommy, chef, nurse, janitor etc. Grown-ups get to use so many exciting tools every day!
On Tuesday we celebrated Maxim’s birthday! Happy birthday, Maxim! Thank you for a delicious chocolate cake.
On Wednesday and Thursday we worked on our fine motor skills by playing with various grains and pasta, sorting it, measuring and weighing it! That was a very interesting activity and kept us busy for a while!
On Friday we celebrated the 100th day of school. Did you know that one hundred consists of ten tens? Well, we know it now for sure! We counted 10 cookies each and as there were 10 of us, it made 100 altogether!


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