Friday, 16 January 2015

Jobs that people do...

Last week we looked at the jobs that we do at home. The school community is also an important and special place! Let’s explore it more!

This week Toddlers were busy exploring jobs around our community at ISR. On Wednesday they visited our librarian Ms Legzdiņa who works in the library. Students found out that our librarian’s job is to take care of books. On Thursday Toddlers went to visit Ms Sarmīte who works as a nurse at school. The little ones were surprised to see some sick soft toys in the nurse’s office. Children became doctors and decided to help them.  Continuing to explore the unit of Inquiry ‘’Jobs that people do’’,  the Toddlers learned to set the table and continued this learning with an arts and crafts activity on our display board. Come have a look!

Preschool 1a
The week started off with a visit from Noga’s mummy who shared with both Preschool 1a and Preschool 1b information about the Israel’s Hanukah celebration and the dreidel. Thank you!

This week Preschool 1a students have focused on jobs that people do at our school. On Tuesday children visited the office and they found what a busy and important piece of equipment the telephone is! Ms Zinta, our school’s office manager, explained that before a child joins our school mommy or daddy should fill in a special application form. In the office children were introduced to many tools such as staplers, hole punchers, stamps and, of course, the computer. On Wednesday our journey took us to Mr Roberts, our IT system administrator. He showed us the biggest school’s computer, the server, and he explained what the most important part of a computer is, the processor.  That was a good introduction to our Thursday’s and Friday’s classroom activity: computer building!!! This week children visited also Ms Brigita at the Frontdesk and the school’s nurse Ms Sarmite.   Ms Brigita showed us where mommies have to call when one of us is sick and Ms Sarmite showed us how to measure the body temperature, weighed, assessed the child medically and calmed them down.  All children agreed, that the nurse’s job is very important, because you help other people. 

What a busy week! It would be unfair to forget that this week Lucia and Maksim turned 4! Happy Birthday to them!!!

Preschool 1b
Preschool 1b started this week by celebrating Sofiia’s birthday.  She is 4 now!
We explored different jobs and responsibilities at our school.  Ms Sarmite, Mr Roberts, Ms Zinta, Ms Brigita, and Ms Ludmila demonstrated what it is that they have to do at school. The best part was the opportunity to try some of these jobs ourselves, like putting stamps on a document in the office, putting plasters on pretended scratches in Ms Sarmites room, and helping Ms Ludmila to clean the cloak room! We are looking to more jobs next week!

Preschool 2
This week Preschool 2 has explored different jobs that people do at our school. As it turns out there are different kind of jobs that have to be done all around the school.

Visiting Mr Roberts just blew our minds! As he showed us the biggest computer at school and explained that it works as a boss for all the other computers. He also showed how the copy-machine works, and then we tried to make our own school bus copies. But what happened next was incredible! We all went to the Teachers’ room and there Mr Roberts opened a real computer and showed what’s inside! Now we know where the really smart thing in the computer box is and that it is quite small after all.

It was very nice to learn more about Ms Brigita’s job as well! It felt like she has to answer the phone all the time. We all had a chance to try to answer the phone by using a special greeting "Hello, International School of Riga". It was interesting to find out that Ms Brigita knows so much about the daily life at school, she even knows what we will have for lunch each day and if we are going to be using a school bus!

In the gym we learned about the sports teachers job. We looked and explored equipment that PE teachers use in their sports lessons. Who knew there are so many different types of balls for different games! We were also surprised to learn that Mr Joel teaches many, many students of all ages and some of them are even bigger than him!

On Wednesday we all visited the school nurse Ms Sarmīte. She is always so kind that we really enjoyed her company. Ms Sarmīte showed us various boxes and special tools and equipment she needs to do her job. It was all so interesting that some of us wanted to stay there forever!

Visiting Ms Zinta was a very special treat. She had prepared a special table with stamps, papers, hole-punchers and staplers that were a lot of fun to explore. Ms Zinta showed us her special cubby where all our documents and reports are kept. We were surprised to learn that she knows so much about each one of us!

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