Friday, 9 January 2015

5 - 9 January 2015

Happy New Year and welcome back to ISR! It is wonderful to see you all again and we look forward to starting our new unit of inquiry Jobs that people do!
The lines of inquiry will include:
·         Jobs our families do,
·         Jobs within our community, and
·         Why these jobs are important

We have started the week with discussions and activities regarding the jobs that we, and our families, do in the home environment.

Toddlers, welcome back to school in 2015! Children started to explore a new unit of inquiry: Jobs that people do. They were curious to visit a supermarket set-up in Preschool 2 and they liked working, buying and selling different foods! During this week students also listened a story ‘’Sally Wants to Help’’ written by Cindy Wheeler. They discovered different jobs which can be done at home helping their moms and dads. Through role play children also learned how to set up a table at home. During free play the little ones also built a bus and became drivers and passengers and they demonstrated how they can communicate with each other. This week they started to work on their own books about numbers recognizing and counting different object up to one! On Thursday they also explored the gathering drum together with Mr Mark in their music lesson.

Preschool 1a
During the week the Preschool 1a students have been enjoying listening and discussing Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter books: All By Myself, When I Get Bigger, and Just Me and My Babysitter. In the stories the Little Critter learns about different jobs, that also we could do, to help ourselves and others including: button my buttons, brush my hair, put on my socks, tie my shoes, pour juice, help entertaining my sister, play, ride my bike, kick a ball, pound a hammer, help dad trim a bush or help mum ice a cake. So many fun jobs to do!

Jobs we have discovered that we might already do in our own homes include: make the bed; help in the kitchen by preparing food, setting and clearing the table; taking out the garbage; and cleaning up!

We learnt to wash fruit and use a cutting board and a knife and spoon to carefully cut and mix a fruit salad for our snack time as well as how to make our beds by folding our blankets. These are jobs that we can now help out at home with!

The children have also been learning about symmetry in Art class together with Ms Valda. We made matching mittens for the snowy white cold weather outside! Finally, we finished the week off with a visit from the grade 3 students who shared with us the jobs that they do at home. Thank you for sharing!

Preschool 1b
We came back from the winter break to find the whole playground covered in snow! Oh what fun we had during outside time! Ms Valda had a winter project ready for the children in Art class, they made colourful, warm mittens, reminding everyone to put on their own mittens before having fun in the snow.
This week Ms Zoja and the children discussed what a job is and what kind of jobs people do at home. The children observed that there are jobs that mums and dads do, like cooking and driving a car, but that there are also some jobs the children can do themselves, like cleaning up and putting on their clothes. They even demonstrated their skills right away by taking off their shoes and socks and putting them back on. They also had many ideas how to help their parents with their jobs. They even learned how to fold up a blanket. Don’t hesitate to practise some more at home!

Preschool 2
A very warm welcome to Rolands and his family, as well as to Elif and her family to our school community!!!
This week we kicked off with a birthday. Happy birthday Raimonds! Raimonds turned 5 now too!  A couple days later we greeted Ms Zinta for her birthday as well!
We started this week by sharing what jobs (or household chores) we are doing at home. We were all eager to share and got some more new ideas how we can help around the house. We are so ready to take some more responsibilities and help around at home! Moms and dads, please, please, please, let us know how we can help you! J
Our classroom has also become a very popular shopping place.  Our very own Supermarket has lots of goods to offer and children at different ages come to do some shopping and to have some “supermarket fun”.
The weather outside has allowed us to have some fun with snow and ice!  So far children have enjoyed every minute of their outdoor play time.  Let’s remember to have appropriate clothing every day we come to school.
In Art class students enjoyed lacing and sewing their own mittens.  It was just a perfect fit for our weather conditions outdoors!
On Wednesday we all visited the Library where Ms Legzdiņa gave us a nice tour around, read a story and we had a chance to explore the place. At the end we were allowed to check out some books for our classroom library. 

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