Friday, 23 January 2015

19 - 23 January 2015

Please be reminded that there will be no After School Clubs on Monday, January 26th.  School ends at 3:15pm for everybody on this day!

Can you believe that this was already the 3rd school week this year? J Toddlers continued making their Numbers Book and created a number 3.  They are becoming better and better at counting.
Students are having fun exploring jobs that people do and this week the little ones found out about the fireman’s job. Children watched a movie: , read a book about firemen and then made a paper fire engine by themselves. On Tuesday in music lesson they explored the solfège: Do-Re-Mi.  Outside time has been enjoyed by all!  Finally, this week one of our students turned 3 year old! Happy birthday Lilliana!

This week all Preschool 1a and 1b students have started the Language Arts programme. Students from Preschool 1 and Preschool 2 have been devided into groups according to their abilities to learn together with our great helper Alphie the alligator!
Students learned about two sounds. The ‘m’ sound and the ‘a’ sound. You are welcome to sing together with your children both songs at home:

Preschool 1a
Preschool 1a students have continued their learning about different jobs that people do. On Monday morning Catherine’s daddy came to visit the class and explained to the children how a computer works and what different types of computers there can be. All students reflected on their own computer they made last week and were proud to share their knowledge of recognizing numbers from letters. Thank you, Catherin’s dad, for sharing this information with Preschool 1a students!

The remaining part of the week we focused on the job of a cook. Our little chefs prepared Chef’s hats, clothes peg chefs, plasticine fruit, play dough cookies, and, during the Art lesson, they also made and decorated tasty colourful layered cakes. Reflecting on the fruit salad the children made earlier, they made a nice and colourful poster by drawing, tracing, colouring and gluing different fruits and vegetables. Please come and try our delicious fruit and vegetable salad at the Preschool 1a display board! Mmmmmmm, Yummy!

During the music lesson this week children also learned about the Japanese wooden string instrument, Koto, that resembles the Latvian kokle a little bit. We also enjoyed a traditional Latvian nursery rhyme Who’s in there, who’s in there where the children diligently showed their turn taking skills.  Learning to play the piano continued to be a great activity for children and teachers!  What wonderful pianists!

Finally, during outside playtime pre-schoolers enjoyed swinging, sliding, sledging, digging in the snow and catching each other. This was another busy week in Preschool 1a class!

Preschool 1b
Preschool 1b explored the job of a baker and a chef this week! The children created their own chef’s hats and wore them on Tuesday, when everybody helped to make play dough. They found out that in order to make play dough you need one cup of flour, one cup of salt and one cup of hot water in even portions as well as a teaspoon of citric acid (please, DO try this at home!). We added some food colouring that looked red in the measuring cup but turned the dough yellow! How strange! The children were of course curious to stick their finger in the bowl and feel how the mixture changed after every step of the recipe. When our play dough was ready we opened a baker’s workshop in our classroom and lots of cookies and buns were made.

In Art class Ms Valda helped us to “bake” cupcakes of different flavours. Take a look at our display when walking up the stairs with your child!

On Friday we finally baked real banana muffins. Again, everybody put on their chef’s hat, listened to Ms Britta reading out the recipe, and excitedly helped Ms Zoja to peel the bananas and mix all the ingredients together, stir the dough but most of all we all loved to eat them! Yummy!

Please check the galleries on our website for more photos:

Preschool 2
This week we have explored different jobs in our community by active free/role play in class.  We had chefs, waiters, costumers, builders and many others acting and taking on different roles here in preschool.  The middle room became a nice restaurant where many different types of food were baked and served.  The hallway was a big construction area and in the classroom children continued to ‘go shopping’.

On Tuesday we made it! A full house, all 17 students at school!!!
Thursday was a baking day and Ms Ieva’s birthday.  In the morning we mixed the dough and during quiet time the chocolate muffins were baked by the teachers.  Finally in the afternoon we were able to taste and eat them all up.  Yummy!

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