Friday, 14 November 2014

Novemer 10 - 14, Independence Day

This week has been very busy and eventful with the Latvian Independence Day celebration!

Please be reminded that the school will be closed for the National holidays on Monday and Tuesday, November 17th & 18th
We are looking forward to the Student Led Conferences on Saturday, November 22nd and hope that you have signed up with homeroom teachers for a time.


Another busy week has passed and it was full of many different events. We all said goodbye to our Toddler teacher Ms Anna.  We welcomed our new student Simeon. The Toddlers prepared themselves for the celebration of the Latvian Independence Day and were actively taking part in the busy rehearsals.  The little ones were busy creating candle holders together with Ms Vanessa. On Thursday Toddlers, together with the whole school, celebrated Latvia’s Independence Day. They were very courageous as they performed on the big stage for the first time! It was an exciting day for everyone! Finally, we also had a visitor, Mr Marten, a French and English teacher from Germany. Toddlers loved to read books together with our guest!

Preschool 1a

This week Preschool 1A children started the week off by creating lovely colourful lanterns for the Independence Day celebrations.  We then continued work on the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf fairy tale and children started to engage in role play by showing interest in taking on the role of one of the characters: mummy piggy, biggest piggy, middle piggy, smallest piggy, the person selling straw, the person selling sticks, the person selling bricks, and the big bad wolf! We also enjoyed building and playing in the houses built of straw, sticks, and bricks.
During the week we also started to prepare the props for our next fairy tale, The Mitten, by decorating a colourful mitten with four different shapes: circle, square, triangle, and rectangle. The shape theme nicely flowed into Ms Valda’s Art class when she came to visit us in the Preschool 1A classroom to sew snow (styrophome puffs) and various shapes in an A,B,A,B pattern.
Finally, Preschool 1A children made a lovely layer for Latvia’s birthday cake (which can been enjoyed by all on the Preschool staircase) and demonstrated their very best efforts, and demonstrated their confidence, when participating in Latvia’s Independence Day celebrations when dancing ‘Visas acis izraudāju tēva govis ganīdams with their houses.  Bauska, Rundāle, Turaida!!!

Preschool 1b

On Monday this week Preschool 1b was introduced to another fairy tale featuring animals, called “The Mitten”. First we explored the different animals that seek shelter from the snow by hiding in the mitten, we watched some pictures and short video clips and if needed learned the name of the animals: fly, mouse, rabbit, fox, wolf and bear. Then we watched a read aloud by the author of a picture book about this fairy tale. Following this activity Ms Valda helped the children to create their own mittens from big paper sheets. Next week we will work on creating the animals.

The children were also busily getting ready for the Latvian Independence Day. They practised their dance, how to stand still and sing the Latvian anthem, learned the house song with Mr Medd, and worked on projects with traditional Latvian symbols. As you have probably noticed, we also put up a giant birthday cake for Latvia next to the Preschool stairs. Preschool 1b loved working together on our “layer” of the cake and helped to decorate it with candles.

On Thursday all children were excited to put on their festive clothes and Latvian folk costumes, and they enjoyed participating in and watching the show. Well done, everyone!

Preschool 2  

Preschool 2 have been busy preparing for the Independence day practising the dance, songs, and painting our layer of the birthday cake during outside time.  This was fantastic!  We have been continuing the fairy tale of Pinocchio and sequencing the story’s events.  This has promoted interesting discussions “What if...”

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