Friday, 7 November 2014

Once Upon a Time…  has been such a creative, magical, and enjoyable Unit of Inquiry to date! The Preschool classes have been busy reading, watching, singing, and playing out various fairy tales.  We have been busy learning about what special words a fairy tale begins with…. Once upon a timewhat special words they often finish with… And they all lived happily ever after!, as well as what happens between the start and the finish.

All children have been practicing and putting in a lot of effort for the Latvian Independence day performance rehearsals this week.  Please mark in your calendars – November 13th LV day celebration!


During this week Toddlers explored a new fairy tale ‘’The Three Little Pigs’’ and watched a short cartoon of this fairy tale.
And to make the story live and interactive they made paper piglets and built brick houses for them. Now our own piglets are completely safe!
Wednesday was a busy day in Toddlers! Students celebrated Luīza’s 3rd birthday! What a great party with the birthday cake! Happy birthday Luīza!
On Thursday we welcomed Ms Edīte - our new teacher in Toddlers!
On Friday students explored a magic basket during their circle time. They were surpised discovering many different things and trying to guess what they have found, as well as identifying the color of each item. There was also a turn for the teachers to be surprised discovering that our toddlers can recognize four colors without any mistakes!

Preschool 1a

The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf was the main focus for the Preschool 1a children this week. On Monday we each painted three pink pigs; on Tuesday we dressed them in overalls and added snouts and eyes; on Wednesday we painted the big bad wolf and added two terrible ears, a tongue, and two eyes! On Thursday and Friday we painted and built our very own three big houses made of straw, sticks, and bricks!

During the week we also read other fairy tales including Rumpelstiltskin which we later watched on video: During PE we practiced catching, rolling, and bouncing balls and played What’s the Time Mr Wolf?;  in Music we enjoyed playing the notes ‘mi’ and ‘sol’ on the xylophone and placed ourselves as these two notes onto the big musical staff drawn onto the floor of the music room. During Art, with Ms Valda, we also made the three piggies houses to match the size of the three piggies and big bad wolf which we made in class during the week. Finally, we also practiced our dance and the National anthem for Latvia’s Independence Day. What a busy week.

Preschool 1b

Sleeping Beauty was our fairy tale of the week and Lucy’s mum visited Preschool 1b, reading the story to the children from a book with beautiful paper artwork illustrations and thus introducing them to this fairy tale classic. Throughout the week the children worked busily on creating a poster of the different characters. Come and see them displayed in our classroom! We also watched two different cartoons of Sleeping Beauty and the Preschool 1b children impressed us with their excellent listening and viewing skills during a puppet show performed by Ms Zoja and Ms Britta. Later on everybody was keen to explore those finger and wooden puppets and some even tried to stage a little show of their own. Our highlight of the week was a performance of Sleeping Beauty by the children! Everyone was courageous enough to dress up, go onto the stage and act out the story told by the teachers. We have some really talented actors in Preschool 1b!

Preschool 2

This week we continued the fairy tale about Cinderella.  In class we made small, soft and nice pillows for Cinderella’s shoe. Tuesday morning was very busy as we managed to celebrate Otto’s Name’s day before leaving to go to forest. This time we also had Grade 1 join us. All the students enjoyed all the space for their games and the vast variety of age groups as they played together. We also had a very special task this time as we all were responsible for making our lunch out in the woods. First we collected fire wood, and made a fire.  Then we had to heat milk for hot chocolate and grill sausages for our hotdogs. Everything tastes so much better in the forest!   

On Wednesday morning the gathered sticks from the forest experienced real magic transformation from simple sticks, that we managed to collect in the forest, into beautiful stick-men and stick-ladies! Little hands worked so hard and the result was stunning! Afterwards we continued our discussions about fairy tales thus introducing Pinocchio who was also made out of wood! This is a fairy tale with many twists in the story and therefore we will continue to explore it next week.

During PE lessons we tried to play the “Pinocchio says…” game (the same game as Simon says ;)), but we still have to practice since we all want to be such good listeners that we all followed all the given instructions by Mr Pinocchio, that is, Mr Joel. On Friday we made our own Pinocchio’s noses and then had so much fun making them grow… What a fun way to discuss the importance of telling the truth! It might be that some of them will start believing that their noses are growing longer for real! Watch out, everyone! J

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