Friday, 28 November 2014

This week Toddlers discovered and listened carefully to a version of the fairy tale, The Mitten, written and illustrated by Jan Brett. Children learnt of many different animals such as the mole, rabbit, hedgehog, owl, badger, fox, bear and mouse. They also enjoyed colouring them.  While exploring this fairy tale children also made woollen mittens in different colours. The little ones, together with Ms Loransa, learnt a song about the mittens and enjoyed playing a game about them as well. This Wednesday Toddlers were also invited to watch a short play The Mitten presented by Preschool 1B students. Thank you Preschool 1B for this invitation!

Preschool 1a
Last week concluded with a fantastic day of Student Led Conferences! Thank you to everyone that came to share and listen!

This week we reflected upon The Mitten and remembered the animals that squeezed their way into the white mitten including the mole, rabbit, rabbit, hedgehog, owl, badger, fox, bear, and mouse. The Preschool 1b group presented a different version of The Mitten and we learnt that a story can be told with different characters and endings.

When we read and watched two versions of Rapunzel on you tube ( and then, again, we discovered that the story can vary in the finer details. In one version the prince rode on a horse, in another the prince pretended to be Rapunzel’s mother.  The children enjoyed acting out the story with the props (Rapunzel lettuce, the tower, Rapunzel, the prince and the witch).  They liked to act out the witch and the prince calling out ‘Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your golden hair’.

Preschool 1a children have been reviewing colours and the basic shapes: circle, triangle, square and rectangle.  Children tested their fine motor skills when braiding Rapunzel’s long plait and gluing eyes and clothing for Rapunzel and the prince. Another fun activity was to wrap string around tissue paper which looked much like the lettuce Rapunzel, from which Rapunzel was named.

Finally, the week was also filled with lots of singing as we get ready for the upcoming Preschool Assembly (December 5th) and the Winter Fesitval (Dec 11th).

Preschool 1b
This week Preschool 1b has continued to work on the fairy tale The Mitten. Not only did the children make their own props in the form of little puppets on sticks, but each of them also chose their favourite animal and coloured in a beautiful mask. During circle time we acted out the story of the mitten. On Wednesday our friends from Toddlers visited us and watched the performance while one of our little students was the story teller. For the first performance we used the puppets, but on Friday’s performance we acted out the fairy tale for Preschool 1a using our masks.
On Wednesday afternoon we went to visit Grade 1 who shared their learning about our senses and guided us through their sense museum. There was so much to see, smell, feel and hear! Thank you, Grade 1!

Last but not least we would like to share two fairy tales invented and told by one of our students:

“Once upon a time there was a prince and a bad witch. The witch was in a bad house. The witch took the spinning wheel and she died. And the prince lived happily ever after.”

“Once upon a time there was a bad, bad witch. She took the spinning wheel and turned into a dragon. The prince climbed up the dragon to take off dragon’s flying suit. The flying suit broke, the witch died and the prince lived happily ever after.”

Preschool 2

We started the week by celebrating Marat’s birthday with super many, many super muffins! Yummy!  On Tuesday we went on our forest trip.  This time it was a bit chillier than usual but nevertheless we enjoyed the time there – climbed trees, made a fire and cooked our meal. As always, we had a great time! Unfortunately, this was the last trip this year, more to come after winter break.

As this week we focused on Hansel and Gretel then it was time to make our very own cookie castles.  We used a lot different shaped and flavoured cookies and sweets and put them together with liquid sugar (“glue”).  All the students joyfully shouted: "It’s edible glue!!!!"  No reminders were needed on this morning to participate in the morning project! We have some great cooks and architects in our class, that’s for sure!

Thursday and Friday we spent preparing our own count-down Christmas/Winter festival/Winter break calendar by cutting out and decorating paper stockings! Finally, during play time children were busy playing out fairy tales by using various self-made props.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Following the Independence Day all Preschoolers and Toddlers have started to get ready for the next big events this month! This week we came together every day to rehearse for our whole school Preschool assembly (December 5th).  The children were also excited to learn a new song for the Winter Festival (December 11th). Mark these dates in your calendar please!

We are looking forward to welcoming all children and their parents and siblings for the Student Lead Conferences tomorrow!

Another Friday has arrived! Students have been busy finishing their project relating to the fairy tale ‘’The Three Little Pigs’’. On Thursday they explored different rhythms by playing different musical instruments together with Mr Mark. There was a big surprise at the school’s playground when students arrived on Friday morning! During the night snow had covered the ground and the little ones really enjoyed the outside time playing in the soft snow. Happy birthday to Stanislaw who turned three years old! Toddlers are looking forward to celebrating their learning together with the parents during the Student Led Conferences this Saturday, November 22nd!

Preschool 1a
The children have been very busy in preparing for the Student Led Conferences. We thought back to the beginning of the year when we all engaged in Me and My Country Unit of Inquiry (UoI) and revisited some of the many activities and events that took place.  We also spoke about and reflected upon the current UoI, Once upon a time… and the various fairy tales we have been learning about to date, including: Goldilocks and the Three Bears; The Three Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf; Rumpelstiltskin; The Turnip; Three Billy Goats Gruff; Cinderella; and The Mitten.
Children liked to play our The Three Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf with the props (the houses made of straw, sticks, and bricks as well as the pig and wolf masks). They also liked to help find a warm cosy home for the mole, rabbit, hedgehog, owl, badger, fox, bear, and mouse in The Mitten!

Preschool 1b
This week was short, but nevertheless exciting! We celebrated William’s 4th birthday on Thursday with our favourite birthday book, songs and yummy cupcakes made by William’s mum! Happy Birthday, William!
On Friday morning almost every child commented excitedly about the snow outside! “Did you see the snow outside?”, “The houses are white!”, “It is Winter!”

Preschool 2
Students have been practicing for their Student Led Conferences.  They talked to each other about art works, photos, and what they have been doing in school so far.  Seems that they are now ready to share it!!!  Come, enjoy and celebrate together the successful learning journey.
On Friday everybody enjoyed the first snow this season!  What fun we all had sledding, making snowmen and snow angels.