Friday, 10 October 2014

October 6 - 10, Book Days

This was an exciting week in preschool! We finished our first Unit of Inquiry “Me and my country” and moved right in to the ISR book celebration. Coming to school dressed as your favourite book character was so much fun! What a fantastic book character parade, and what a wonderful celebration of books and active Readathon we had! All preschool children enjoyed the little “musical” of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” staged by the Preschool teachers on Thursday morning.  

We look forward to our next UoI, Once Upon A Time, which will begin straight after our Fall Break on Monday October 20th (no school from 13-17 October). We wish all of you a wonderful fall break! See every one of you on the 20th of October..


This week Toddlers learned a new song “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and they keep singing it during different times of the day! We introduced this Book week by reading three wonderful stories “Teddy shares”, “Ten little fingers” and “Excuse me” which Toddlers enjoyed very much and asked if we could read them again! On Thursday our little ones turned into different book characters and participated in the annual ISR Book parade in the gym – so much excitement was written in their eyes! Later on the same day together, with all Preschoolers, they watched a Preschool musical “Goldilocks and Three Bears” performed by all Preschool teachers – later on Friday we reflected on this fairy tale by creating our own house for the three bears and learned about the 3 sizes (big, medium, small). Special visitors also came over – Lilliana’s mommy came in on Thursday afternoon to read Lilliana’s favourite book and Laima’s mommy came in on Friday to read the book “Handa’s Surprise” by Eileen Browne. A big Thank You to Lilliana’s and Laima’s mums for sharing these lovely stories with Toddlers!

Preschool 1a

We started the week with creating a lovely heart shaped book for Matīss who turned 4 years old! Happy Birthday Matīss! Also during this final week of the Me and My Country Unit of Inquiry (UoI) we spent time reviewing all the countries we have learnt about since the beginning of the school year including: Latvia, China, Russia, UK, Slovenia, USA, France, Sweden, Poland, Israel, and Canada! So many countries!
Children played the ukulele with Ms Rūta during music and decorated their water coloured Swedish horses with Ms Valda and Mr Mark during the Art lesson. Pictures of the real wooden toys can be seen on:
Children enjoyed Leo Leonni’s Little Blue and Little Yellow during Library with Ms Legzdiņa. Following the reading the children reflected upon the two colours, blue and yellow, that when combined made the colour green. Some children experimented with their own colour combinations.
On Thursday we had Princess Elsa, Snow White, Spiderman, Batman, cats, fairies, Little Red Riding Hood and her mother visiting our classroom! After outside time Ms Joel, otherwise known as Tiger, read a caption of Winey the Pooh to Preschool 1 and 2 students and at the end of the school day Preschool 1a enjoyed reading Frozen, Catherine’s favourite book character book. As in the book, we are also learning to share our friendship with one and other.
Finally, the week came to an end when the Preschool 1a children also participated in the school’s 26 hour ReadAthon when the teachers and Simon’s mummy came to read stories for the children.

Preschool 1b

What an exciting final week before fall break we have had in Preschool 1b! We rounded off our first Unit of Inquiry “Me and my country” by learning about Denmark. The children commented that the Danish flag looks very similar to the Swedish one, only the colours are different! When Simon’s mum came to tell us more about her country, we found out that this similarity is due to the fact that Denmark and Sweden are very close to each other and both belong to Scandinavia. Simon’s mum also showed us many interesting pictures of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen and the Danish Royal family. Did you know that the little prince and princess in Denmark are just as old as our Preschool 1 children? Later we watched an episode of the most popular Danish TV programmes for children called “Bamse og kylling” (check it out here:

As a final project for this UoI all children matched their own and their friends’ pictures with their flags. This is now the final page in their “Me and my country” book.

Preschool 2

What a great, busy, fabulous, interesting and fantastic week we have had!!!  On Tuesday we went on our forest field trip.  This time we were really lucky to have wonderfully warm weather.  We enjoyed building our tree houses, swinging on the rope and playing hide-and-seek.  We finished the day with meeting kindergartners and having lunch together, followed by warm and self-made porridge.  Yummy! 

On Wednesday we read a book about animals dressing up and having a parade.  It was so much fun and we all laughed!  Following the story we created our own animals out of plasticine.

Thursday and Friday we focussed on reading a lot.  We visited the Readathon several times to listen to many books read by students and staff.  The book character parade on Thursday morning was definitely an exciting event and the children were so happy to share their costumes and the stories their heroes come from!

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