Friday, 24 October 2014

Welcome back! We hope you have all enjoyed the fall break!  This week we have started a new unit of inquiry “Once upon a time…”.  The Transdiciplinary Theme for this unit is: How we express ourselves and it’s lines of inquiry:

·         Characteristics of fairy tales;
·         Presentation of fairy tales; and
·         Our favourite fairy tales.


This week Toddlers have been really busy – they worked on developing their cutting skills (most of them were holding scissors AND paper in their hands for the first time in their lives!); painting apples with the finger paints and later lacing them; as well their first tracing exercises – trying to focus and follow the lines, and trying to stay on the lines!
This week we focused on two stories “The Tiger Who Came to Tea” by Judith Kerr and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carl – Toddlers enjoyed these stories very much and later asked if we could read them “More! More! More!”. They also coloured several pictures of very hungry caterpillars and tigers that might come for tea!
During our Music lessons Toddlers practiced playing different musical instruments and shared the joy of playing the drums, ukuleles as well as piano and several xylophones. They also practiced singing “Five little pumpkins” – which is a very season appropriate song on these cold, dark mornings. As the weather has been getting colder, we wish all our dear little students to keep warm and stay healthy!

Preschool 1a

Preschool 1a children enjoyed the start of this week by celebrating Ilya's fourth birthday. Happy Birthday Ilya! During the week we reflected upon the character we had dressed up as during the Book Day preceding the holidays. Children recalled the play that the teachers presented, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, which we have also continued to explore also this week. We practiced our fine motor skills when colouring, cutting, and pasting the characters and props of this fairy tale on to a water coloured backdrop children created with tempra colours.

Ms Legzdiņa and the classroom teachers have been reading and presenting the fairy tale in various ways throughout the week (reading, puppet play, and video:  This has been fun for children because with each new presentation we have been discussing the similarities and differences of the versions.

During PE Mr Joel challenged the children with listening games which involved moving the body in various ways and walking (in big and small steps), running, and crawling from one place to another. Children have been working hard on making a line train which we like to refer to when we move through the school on a busier transition when the school is filled with the bigger ISR students.

During Ms Valda's art classes the children also made standing mobile figures of the three bears and a Popsicle stick Goldilocks. Ms Rūta taught us a song about the fall leaves tumbling down: 
Five little leaves all bright and gay,
Sat together on a branch one day,
The wind came along and blew through the town,
One little leaf came tumbling down.

Preschool 1b

Preschool 1b started this week off with a birthday party! Frederik celebrated with his friends by sharing some special birthday chocolates. He received a beautiful heart-shaped book made from his friends’ drawings. Happy Birthday, Frederik!
Our fairy tale of the week was Goldilocks and the three bears. The children made puppets of the three bears and Goldilocks with Ms Valda in Art class. They also worked busily every morning on the settings and props for the fairy tale. They created the house of the three bears from paper, fully equipped with bowls, chairs and beds, and enjoyed acting out the story on it with their puppets. We’ll keep these “little theatres” at school for the upcoming conferences!
Last but not least, here are the lyrics of this week’s hit song in Preschool 1b:
Goldilocks & the 3 bears

When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears,
Oh what did her blue eyes see?
A bowl that was big, a bowl that was small
A bowl that was tiny and that was all
She counted them one, two, three.
(replace “bowl” with “chair”, “bed” and “bear” for the next verses)

Preschool 2

We started this week by sharing our holiday experiences – places we visited and explored, adventures we had and experienced.  Thank you Otto for sharing some Turkish delights with us.  Yummy yummy!  And thank you, Anna, for sharing candies from your birthday! Happy Birthday, Anna!

As our first fairy tale we chose “Snow White and the 7 dwarfs”.  We read the story, played it out with picture cards and made our own props.  We have turned our classroom into a fairy tale land creating a fairy tale corner and building a new house. We also have a new dress-up box full of different dresses that we loved to explore and try it all on at once!  It was great fun to see children playing and acting out different fairy tales.

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