Friday, 31 October 2014

Once Upon a Time… there lived a farmer who planted a seed and watched it grow! This fairy tale, The Gigantic Turnip, was performed and presented by the Preschool teachers for the whole of Preschool on Monday morning! And what fun we all had to watch the farmer, wife, dog, cat pull and pull upon the turnip and to, imagine, have the smallest mouse of all come to join the team and to finally pull the turnip out!  Well done!


Oh what a week this has been – full of explorations, discoveries and new exciting experiences!

On Monday we welcomed a student teacher Ms Vanessa from Germany! She will stay with Toddlers till December 5th, 2014. We are looking forward to many fun activities that we will do together with Ms Vanessa during this time. On Monday we also celebrated Georgs’ 3rd birthday with a very special homemade cake in the shape of a car. Georgs got a very special present – a book created by all Toddlers, which was also in his favorite shape – that of a car!

On Tuesday Toddlers read a fairy tale about Chicken Licken and later reflected on it by creating a fun art project – come and see it on the bulletin board in our classroom! On Wednesday Toddlers were invited to a fairy tale show Cinderella performed by Preschool 2 children and teachers. They enjoyed it a lot and later on this week Toddlers often asked if they can step in Preschool 2 and try on the props from this fairy tale. Later on Wednesday we had a chance to hear another fairy tale - Three Billy Goats Gruff read and acted out by Ms Legzdiņa and the puppets from the Library! For some of our students this Wednesday was the first day in their lives when they were exposed to a “theatre performance” and we are still working on developing their listening and watching skills in this area J

In Thursday’s Music lesson Toddlers practised with Ms Rūta their part for Latvia’s Independence Day  - we just can’t wait for the show day!  On Friday Toddlers also practiced together with Mr Medd and other Preschoolers the whole school song Three houses. Later during the PE lesson, together with the whole Preschool, Toddlers were practising to walk over the bridge just as the Billy Goats did in the fairy tale that we had read earlier this week.

Preschool 1a

During this week the Preschool 1a children enjoyed the fairy tale book and video Cinderella ( On Monday we practiced our tracing, cutting, and gluing skills and made magic wands with which we could transform mice into horses, pumpkins into carriages, and rags into ballroom dresses! On Tuesday we crunched up newspaper and stuffed socks, twisted pipe cleaners on the closed end of the sock, wrapped string at the other end, and added eyes and smiles to make happy mice! In Ms Valda’s class we also stuffed newspaper and pushed it into paper bags, painted them orange and made a colourful pumpkin patch!  We even made glass slippers!

On Wednesday we enjoyed Ms Legzdiņa’s puppet fairy tale about The Three Billy Goats Gruff and the troll hiding under the bridge. We also came together with the Preschool 1b group to watch The Enormous Turnip ( ) and to sing and act out The Farmer in the Dell rhyme dressing up at farmers, wives, dogs, cats and mice!
On Thursday, with Ms Rūta, we experimented with musical instruments and danced like The Wheels on the Bus and on Friday we sang the Three Houses song with Mr Matt and practiced our dance for Latvia’s Independence Day celebration. 

Finally, children independently started to recreate some of the fairy tales we have been learning about and calendar circle time activities that we have introduced in the daily routine. It was a real pleasure to see them act out different roles! What a busy and fun week it has been!

Preschool 1b

Preschool 1b explored different ways of telling the fairy tale of The Great, Big Turnip this week. After the teachers performed the story on Monday, the children made a little foldable book with a turnip and all the characters pulling on it, which they used to retell the story to each other. We also watched a short cartoon and learned a song about the turnip story and did an activity during which the children connected big stickle bricks in a line to make them look like the old man, the old woman, the girl, the dog, the cat and the mouse pulling  on the turnip. But then something strange happened! While we were singing the song and putting the different characters on a felt board, we noticed that we had lost the mouse. The children realised that, if a character is missing, we can’t finish the story, so we went looking all around the school (they even found some potential mouse holes on the playground) until we eventually found it on Thursday in the library!

During circle time we talked about how strong you will become, if you eat turnips and other vegetables and the amount of veggies eaten during lunch has actually increased!

The Great, Big Turnip, however, was not the only fairy tale this week. During free play we often saw children acting out the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears (which we talked about last week) and in our Library lesson the children enjoyed Ms Legzdina’s lovely puppet show of Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Preschool 2

This week we have been exploring the fairy tale of Cinderella. We have read the Cinderella story from various books, watched a short Cinderella cartoon and even played it out in our classroom. We are all excited to take turns in becoming Cinderella’s, princes, fairy-godmothers, evil stepmothers… Children have been busy building castles and taking the carriage to the castle and back again. Some even enjoy putting in the extra effort in cleaning-up because that is exactly what Cinderella did all the time and she became a princess… Hmm!

Another highlight this week was our trip to forest. The day was beautiful and forest seemed full of Fairy tale feelings and creatures. Preschool 2 were busy playing out Snow-White’s story, the forest setting was perfect for fostering our imagination. After the hard work it was time for lunch and what a surprise – kindergarten had managed to make real soup in the forest! Yummy! 

On Wednesday Zuzanna’s family came in to do a presentation about Poland and celebrate Zuzanna’s birthday! Happy birthday, Zuzanna! And thank you Zuzanna’s parents for a wonderful presentation about Poland. 

On Friday we had our own little Halloween party. So we made some silly looking cookies and dressed up! And what can be better than to celebrate one’s birthday along with a Halloween party! Happy birthday, Amēlija and thank you for a delicious ladybug cake! Finally, during the PE lesson we all arrived dressed-up for the ball and danced Cinderella’s Someday My Prince Will Come!

Wow, what a busy week in Preschool 2 it has been again!