Friday, 12 September 2014

September 8 - 12

What a busy week! The preschool children have learned many interesting facts about Russia, for some children after school clubs have started and many more things have happened. But read for yourself:


This week we welcomed two new friends in our class – Ekaterina from Russia and Marta from Latvia!

Wednesday and Thursday were the whole school photo days when the photographer came and every child had the chance to look smart and smile at the camera. Now we just can’t wait for those pictures to arrive!
This week Toddlers also have learned about the shape called Circle – we created our own circles by using finger paint as well as stickers! Toddlers also learned to sing the “Clean-up” song as well as the “Bye-bye song”, which have become part of our daily routine. Ask your child to sing these songs for you at home!

Preschool 1a

The Preschool 1a children started the week off by colouring a lovely heart shaped birthday book for our birthday friend Hanna who just turned three! Happy Birthday Hanna! During the PE lesson Ms Joel continued to guide the children to work safely with floor ball sticks and balls and we also practiced to follow instructions and sit on the yellow line! On Tuesday our focus was on creating the Russian flag by assembling the white, blue and red in the correct order. We would like to express our thanks to Catherine’s mum who read to us two of Catherine’s favourite books in Russian. We watched a Russian cartoon, “Nu pogodi” , about a wolf and can be watched over and over again:

Preschool 1 children listened and interacted when read the story Titch, by Pat Hutchins, and learned about the sizes Big, medium, and small.  We pasted Russian dolls, or “Matroshkas”, in a sequence from smallest to largest and made a second, three dimensional set, in Art class with Ms Valda and Mr Mark.  Class photo’s were taken moments after the children enjoyed sleeping like owls during the day and dancing and flying like owls in the night in music class with Ms Rūta.

Later in the week our focus turned to China and we coloured in the five yellow stars and red background in the flag. We made Chinese lanterns and practiced our cutting skills. Ying Ling’s mum came to share with the class information about China including the colours of the flag; shape of the country (looks a little bit like a chicken); traditional art and crafts; people famous in the martial arts (Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee); foods of all sorts (and we tried some crunchy pork); and animals (Panda). Thank you! Finally, we finished the week off by creating Chinese fish mobiles and practiced our painting and lacing. When combining yellow and red we could make orange!

Preschool 1b

As part of our UoI “Me and my country” we learned many things about Russia this week. After finding out what the Russian flag looks like the children made flags from tissue paper and during circle time they found out that Russia is a very big country and what a Russian doll is. These “Matroshkas” range from big to small and so we tried to stand behind them just like that – from the smallest child on the left to the tallest on the right (see photos!). Sofiia’s mum visited us on Thursday and read a story to us in Russian. Thank you for sharing it with us! The children also loved the Russian cartoon “Nu pogodi” and learned the names of the main characters “Volk” (wolf) and “Zajats” (hare). Finally, we played a Russian game abut a goat catching a princess.

This week we also celebrated the first two birthdays in Preschool 1b! On Monday Theodore turned 4 and every child drew a heart shaped picture for him, which were later presented to him as a birthday book. Theodore’s mum came in for his birthday circle time and brought delicious Swedish cinnamon buns as a treat for everybody. Thank you! On Thursday Ms Britta had a birthday and the children made a colourful birthday heart for her, too, and sang Happy Birthday. What a lovely surprise!

Preschool 1b received a new toy this week and the wrapping paper and the box were just as interesting and fun for our children. Check the photos to see how our creative explorers made a snake from the paper and a boat from the box!

Preschool 2

During this week Preschool 2 children have gathered facts and knowledge, explored and looked at artefacts from Russia.  In class we coloured the well-known Russian dolls ‘Matroshkas’ and then sorted them by size placing them on paper.  We also watched some short YouTube clips on the Smart Board including musicians playing Balalaikas (and we made our own instruments and played together with the them); and ballet dancers from the Russian State Opera performing ‘The Nutcracker’.

One very big and exciting event was our first trip to the forest!  On Tuesday, together with both Kindergarten classes we went to the forest to explore and inquire into the area.  What a fun we had!  We climbed trees and hills, built houses, observed toads, ate lunch, played again and in no time it was time to leave the place….  See you soon again, forest!

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