Friday, 26 September 2014

September 22-26

This week we have had many parents and ISR staff members in preschool that helped our children to find out more about their home countries. Thank you so much for your involvement!
On Friday all students participated in an all school Olympic day event as well as enjoyed the first Pizza Friday of this school year! Yum!

Reminder: Parent-Teacher Conferences on Wednesday from 3:30 to 6:00 pm and Thursday from 5.00 to 8:00pm.  Please make your appointments!!!

This was another busy week in Toddlers. Our students enjoyed doing lots of different projects – colouring with watercolours and lacing the rain clouds; putting the final touch on our ‘’Wheels on the Bus’’; and learning about colours through stories and games. Toddlers love Story Time! Come and join us in reading together!

Preschool 1a
This has been a very busy and fantastic week! We had so many visitors who came in to share their country’s stories, pictures, cartoons and food. Thank you so much to everyone who came in!

On Monday the children started to learn about the United States of America. In the morning Catherine's dad joined the group and read some of Catherine's well-loved stories including The Best Teacher Ever, by Mercer Mayer, and Goodnight Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown. We also enjoyed some yummy cookies and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Yummy!  We then watched Snoopy cartoons which can be enjoyed by all at home: 
On Monday we also enjoyed PE with Mr Joel and continued to work on following instructions (run to the yellow line and back again).

On Tuesday the children practiced their gluing skills when they created their own complicated red, white, and blue stars and stripes USA flag.  Mr Kronītis (ISR's grade 3 teacher) came to join the group and shared with us interesting details about USA. The children danced rock’ n’ roll and also a special Superman dance During Art, with Ms Valda, children made native American Indian crowns.

On Wednesday the preschoolers continued focusing on the USA and made a yummy hamburger.  Then we welcomed Noga’s mummy who had a special message – she wished to all of us a happy and sweet New Year. Yes! In Noga’s country, Israel, the New Year starts on the 25th of September. Noga’s mummy shared the traditional Jewish New Year’s food – apples with honey as well as she showed an interesting music instrument called Shofar. It sounds like this: All children wished Shana Tova to each other, which means Happy New Year! Here is the Shana Tova song

On Friday children made the blue, white, and red French flags. Mr Tony (ISR's French teacher) joined the group and shared some interesting facts about France – food, famous characters like Little Red Riding Hood and Puss in Boots. We enjoyed tasting some traditional French croissants! We also continued to learn about body parts, birthdays, colours, and preschool routine activities that we participate in during our busy week (project time, PE, Music, Art, Library, snack, circle time, outside time, story time, lunch time, quiet time, free play, and home time).

Finally, Preschool children also joined the whole school in celebrating the Latvian Olympic Day when we exercised for 10 minutes. Great fun! 
Thank you to all our wonderful visitors over the past few weeks and we look forward to learning about Poland, Israel and Sweden next week!

Preschool 1b

Preschool 1b inquired into several countries this week! We started off with Sweden, making the blue and yellow flag and creating beautiful red Dala horses in our Art lesson with Ms Valda. We also watched a short video about Pippi Longstocking and on Tuesday Ms Maria visited us and told us more about the author of this book, Astrid Lindgren, who is from Sweden just like Ms Maria herself. On Friday Theodore’s mum and aunt visited us in Preschool 1b and together we did the funny midsummer dance “Små grodorna” (“Little frog”, listen to the song here: We then watched a short episode of Theodore’s favourite Swedish TV show about a curious little robot.

Preschool 1b also found out a lot about the USA this week! Together with Preschool 1a we enjoyed Catherine’s dad reading The Best Teacher Ever, by Mercer Mayer, and Goodnight Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown to us. After snack everybody tried delicious chocolate chip cookies and Peanut butter & Jelly Sandwiches, typical treats from the USA. Two other teachers from ISR came to preschool 1 to share something from their home country, the United States. Mr K presented his home town Cleveland, Ohio to us and we found out that Superman and rock’n’roll come from this city! Everybody had fun dancing to some rock’n’roll music and even doing a Superman dance! On Thursday Ms Jenna from Primary school shared one of her favourite stories by the famous American writer Dr. Seuss called “Green Eggs and Ham” and everybody loved this funny story! On Friday Evan’s dad came to visit us in Preschool 1b and showed us how to play American football. We even learned a real American Football cheer!

The third country this week was Brazil. Elīza’s dad told us many fascinating things about the country he comes from. We learned that Brazil is very big and far, far away. Many exotic animals live there, including the blue parrots called “Arara” which the children knew from the animated movie “Rio”. Elīza was proud to show her blue arara toy and share some typical, home-made Brazilian sweet called Brigadeiro. Incredibly delicious! (Here’s the recipe: We also listened to a song typically sung for the St John’s celebration in Brazil, you can listen to it online:

Preschool 2
During this week we have been learning about Lithuania.  We realized that Lithuania is a little bit like Latvia….  The symbols look similar, the language sounds a bit like Latvian.  Nevertheless, we created something all Lithuanians are proud of – a Basketball team.  During Art class we made the basketball-men out of a basketball shaped head and added the rest of the body by drawing.  During PE lesson we were eager to learn some of the basic skills needed for basketball.

On Monday we celebrated Grigory’s birthday. He turned 5!!!!! Happy Birthday Grigory! J
On Tuesday we went to the forest again!  It was a bit chilly and windy, but we had great fun anyway.  First we ate our snacks and then children had time to explore a new area in the forest.  Afterwards we played different games and collected some fall treasures.  Right before lunch we met kindergartners and made a fire together with the help of the teachers. It was a great opportunity to toast marshmallows and enjoy making and eating S’mores!  The fall treasures (pine needles, pine cones and sticks) which we had collected in the forest were used for making mobiles and hedgehogs. 
To sum up our learning about Lithuania we shared our new gained knowledge during a little pancake party on Friday afternoon. Pancakes always taste so good!

Friday, 19 September 2014

September 15-19

This week we have had many parents and ISR staff members in preschool that helped our children to find out more about their home countries. Thank you so much for your involvement!

Reminder: PTO Open House on Saturday, 3:30 – 6:00 pm
Let’s come together, have a drink and a snack and have some fun!

Toddlers continue to settle in and enjoy the time in the mornings and after nap time that we spend together with our new friends in Preschool. We heard some of our little students saying: ”Look! It’s sunny! It’s not raining! Let’s go! Play! Swing! Cars!” We also have continued to explore different art materials and tools by painting our Big Toddler Bus – it’s almost finished – all we need to add are the wheels, created by every Toddler student.
Preschool 1a

This week Preschool 1a children learnt about two European countries – The United Kingdom and Slovenia. On Monday children made the UK flag, the Union Jack. They glued the red cross and coloured the blue and red parts of the flag. It was anything but easy! On Tuesday children learned a lot of information about the UK from Lucy’s (Preschool 1b) mum (ISR’s high school English teacher) Ms Andrade. They learned that the UK flag consists of 4 different flags – those of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England. They discovered some popular British cartoon characters such as Astley Baker Davies' Peppa Pig and Michael Bond's Paddington Bear ( They learned that in the UK there is also a queen and a king! The children also played two games “London Bridge is falling down” and “The Queen is in the garden” with great enthusiasm. It was so much fun! Afterwards they ate yummy cupcakes decorated with the English and UK’s flags brought in by Lucy’s mum. Thank you!

Wednesday was a very special day for Preschool 1a children, because it was Catherine’s Birthday. She turned 4!!! In the morning everyone drew a nice heart for Catherine and later we all sang “Happy Birthday” in Catherine’s honour and enjoyed the yummy Birthday cake, brought in by Catherine’s mom. Also, on Wednesday, Lucija’s mummy came in to tell us about Lucija’s home country- Slovenia. In Slovenia there are many high mountains, where children can ski and enjoy the snow as well as the Adriatic sea where they can swim. Our children enjoyed the great Slovenian cartoon Bojan the Bear and the Bees (  Thursday everyone made a nice Slovenian flag with the coat of arms with Triglav, what means “Three heads”, which is the highest mountain in Slovenia.

Finally, on Friday, Mr Medd came in to share some British stories and to play on his guitar some popular British songs. This has been a great and busy week! The Preschool 1a children enjoyed being together with Preschool 1b children and getting to know them better. This week we have all missed our wonderful teacher Ms Dace and we all hope that she will get better soon!

Preschool 1b

Preschool 1b discovered three different countries this week! First we focussed on Lucy’s and William’s country, Great Britain. In Art everybody made a British flag, the Union Jack, and on Monday and Tuesday Lucy’s mum and William’s mum showed us some very special things about Great Britain. The children found out that the UK have a queen, busses and telephone boxes are red in London, and some of our favourite characters like Peppa Pig and Spot the Dog are created in Britain. We also learnt the Nursery rhyme “London Bridge is falling down”( and played a game about the Queen. On Tuesday children also enjoyed some sweet British treats, as Lucy’s dad had made buns and Williams mum baked scones for everyone. Delicious!

On Wednesday Preschool 1a and 1b again came together to find out more about Slovenia from Lucija’s mum. She told us how Slovenian children can play in the snowy mountains in winter and on the sandy beaches in summer and had brought many pictures along. There are even Dolphins in Slovenia! Everybody enjoyed the funny Slovenian cartoon and characters Lucija shared with her friends.

William’s mum visited us again on Thursday to introduce all Preschool 1 children to William’s second country – Japan. She showed us on a map how far away Japan is from Latvia and the children even asked where William’s house was on the map. Some were particularly courageous and tried on a typical Japanese folk costume and some special hair pins. We all sang the song “Under the spreading chestnut tree” ( in English and Japanese. For lunch everybody had a Japanese rice ball with a smiley face on it! J

Friday morning started off with an exciting assembly. The preschool children loved listening to the concert of three skilful percussionists. Later we tried ourselves in the Japanese art of Origami and made beautiful paper flowers.

Mr Medd visited us twice this week to read story books and sing songs from his home country Great Britain, too. Thanks everyone for all the great support and learning experiences we have had this week!

Preschool 2
This week we have been focusing on Great Britain. In class we built our own Big Ben, and had Tower Bridge for balancing. We watched some small clips about castles in England, Wales and Scotland and how different they might look. Afterwards we created our own ones out of paper shapes.
Almost every day we had guest readers telling us stories in ‘real’ English. Thank you Mr Nolan, Mr Joel, Ms Zinta.
During Art class everybody made a little tea cup which came in use during our class Tea Time Party with our self-decorated cookies. We also had our king and queen crowns on, which made our party full of excitement, like a small royal party in our own classroom J
On Tuesday we had lots of fun celebrating Otto’s birthday. Even Batman came to this party and shared some soap bubbles with us!
As we are counting school days in our class, we can give you a small update on that. We have completed 22 school days this school year! That’s a lot, but still many days to go….