Friday, 29 August 2014

Welcome to Preschool 2014-2015!

Hooray! The Preschool 2014-2015 school year has begun and our first Unit of Inquiry is Me and My Country.  The central idea: A family’s and specific country’s traditions, values, language and heritage influence our personal identities. And the lines of inquiry will include:
  • Who am I
  • Family culture (languages, traditions and celebrations)
  • What makes my country special ( Flag, language, ornaments and foods)


The youngest students of ISR have started their first school year 2014/2015! This week Toddlers worked on creating the first Toddler collaborative art project by exploring various art tools and materials (crayons, bottle paint, markers, finger paint, as well as play dough). They also created their own placemats for Snack and Lunch. During our first Circle Times we had learned two songs ‘’Wheels on The Bus’’ and ‘’Five Little Ducks’’. They also had their first PE lessons with Mr Joel and Music together with Ms Rūta, as well as their first story times and nap times). Toddlers also loved to play outside every day together with the rest of the Preschoolers. Way to go, Toddlers!
Preschool 1a  

During the past seven school days we have been learning about the concept of Me. Some of the things we have discussed included: Big and small; am I a boy or a girl?; how old am I?; how many eyes do I have?; nose?; arms?; and different types of weather.  We practiced our cutting and colouring skills as we made paper roll dolls. Children carefully examined what colour their eyes and lips are.  

The Pre 1a children were risk-takers when they painted their hands with paint and made hand prints.  This art work will be a part of our Helping Hands strategy. We have enjoyed the specialist classes and particularly the big drum in music with Ms Rūta, the parachute in PE with Mr Joel and Mr Andrade, and the chance to explore different colouring techniques (brush and cork) with Ms Valda during Art. Ms Legzdiņa also engaged the children when reading The Grouchy Blue Bird by Jeremy Tankard. Next week we look forward to learning about Latvia.

Preschool 1b 

For the past week and a half the children of Preschool 1b have been busy exploring their new classroom, getting to know each other and their class and specialist teachers. We have had interesting circle times, during which we found out how many children were at Preschool 1b that day, what the weather was like and what our schedule and routines look like. We also counted how many boys and how many girls are in our class, thus reflecting on the concept of “me” (Am I a girl or a boy?). After sorting pictures of babies and big children and learning a song about babies, everybody agreed that in Preschool 1b there are definitely big children!

Preschool 2 

Preschool 2 students have settled in quite well and it seems they all like coming to school J  Children enjoy their morning routines, as well as other activities and games.  During this first week of school we focused a little bit on our host country Latvia.  In class we danced some Latvian dances, made Latvian folk costumes, coloured symbols and signs.  Another focus was on ourselves and our families.  We also drew pictures of our families during activity time in class.  In Art class we worked on self-portraits which turned out to be quite challenging, but successful in the end!  

Please be reminded that the Meet the Teacher evening will take place on Thursday, 4th of September from 18:00-18:45 or from 19:00-19:45 (both sessions will offer the same information).   

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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