Friday, 6 June 2014


Invertebrates are the sixth group of animals, and our last group of animals we will have learnt about during the Amazing Animals unit.  We are looking forward to a full week next week, followed by two more days the following week before breaking for the summer holidays. Please let us known if your child will not be attending school any of the following days so that we can prepare all of their wonderful work to take home before the break. 

After our whole preschool assembly about invertebrates on Monday, Toddlers enjoyed a very special Art lesson with Ms Valda. Since invertebrates don’t have backbones, Toddlers made wobbly earth worms from funny goop which Ms Valda had prepared in front of our eyes in the Toddler classroom. It was like a magic show!
The Toddlers practised the Latvian folk dance “Tūdaliņ, tāgadiņ” for our Midsummer’s celebration every day this week, often even outside thanks to the wonderful weather. We had rehearsals together with our friends from Preschool 1 and even a big practise on Wednesday together with everyone from Preschool 1, Preschool 2 and Kindergarten.
On the photos below you can see how some Toddlers worked on recognising and making patterns this week. Everybody could choose their favourite colours and practise this important skill. Good job, Toddlers!

Preschool 1
This week the Preschool 1 children have been very busy with learning about different invertebrates: caterpillars, butterflies, crabs, lobsters, jellyfish… While children created beautiful butterflies they were able to demonstrate their improved colouring, cutting, and lacing skills. We have also continued to work on our mathematics skills and are enjoying counting up, from one to ten, and back down again!
During the week we have been working hard in our SfA classes and have been continuing to learn and review the sounds the letters make. We have also started making flower and oak leaf crowns and practicing our dances for the Jāņi celebration scheduled for Monday June 16th. We hope you can also make it to this very special event and help celebrate with the whole school. Finally, one of the books about invertebrates we particularly enjoyed was  If Only… by Neil Griffiths.

Preschool 2
This week we learnt about the last group of animals: invertebrates. It is a very long and difficult word; therefore it’s been easier to remember that these animals do not have a back bone. There are so many of them, and they are all so different and fun! We made some jellyfish and crabs with shells for their homes in class.
This week we celebrated two birthdays, and both on the same day: once again, Happy Birthday Vita and Elsa! We went on our last Forest trip on Thursday, this time together with KG students and teachers. The students from both groups were paired up and they had a task to make a picture using various natural items. It was interesting that there were even 3D pictures created! As unbelievable it might sound, we have also been practising dances for the midsummer’s celebration Jāņi, which is just around the corner!

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