Friday, 13 June 2014

June 9 - 13

This week has brought us many exciting events! On Monday we had an Alphie party where we celebrated all of the new letter sounds we have learnt this week.  All Preschool 1 and 2 students received Alphie certificates! Well done! Throughout the week we have been practicing for the Jāņi celebration, on Wednesday we went to Vakarbuļļi Beach, on Thursday we celebrated the summer birthday children’s birthdays. Thank you for a wonderful week and we look forward to the final days of the school year: Jāņi festivities on Monday; and final school day on Tuesday.

This week was full of birthday parties in Toddlers! On Tuesday we celebrated Elīza’s birthday and she shared delicious home-made chocolate treats with everyone. She was very proud to wear her crown and tell everybody that she is three years old now.
All Toddlers enjoyed our field trip to the beach on Wednesday. It was great fun to explore the playground and play barefoot in the sand! Some Toddlers were very excited to find a colourful bug crawling in the sand. Our birthday week continued with a special double Toddler birthday on the beach. Krista and Nikolina will turn 3 years old on the same day during the summer break, July 12th. They were presented with crowns and a birthday book each, and shared yummy muffins and waffles with all their Preschool friends! At the end of this exciting field trip, full of fresh air and sunshine, everyone was tired, but happy and most Toddlers enjoyed a little nap on the bus.  What a wonderful day!

Preschool 1
During this week the Preschool 1 children reviewed the six animal groups that we have been learning about the past six weeks: mammals, reptiles, fish, birds, amphibians, and invertebrates! The children presented their special animal to their classmates and, with only some guidance, located the correct animal group in which they fit. The children enjoyed making long caterpillars and snakes by lacing penne noodles onto a long piece of string. The children were very creative with decorating these reptiles and invertebrates as some of them were green, blue, yellow, and even pink! We even made enough to write out ‘‘Preschool 1’’. During Art we experimented with pipe cleaners and made a lovely flower arrangement. On Wednesday the teachers and children enjoyed the final field trip of this school year at the Bolderāja Beach! On Thursday we continued to prepare ourselves for Jāņi by making oak leaf and wild flower crowns. In the afternoon we celebrated the summer birthday children’s birthdays. Happy birthday Konstance, Alsu, and Alisa C!

Preschool 2
In Preschool 2 we made animals of student’s own choice and the environment they live, for instance, land, water or both. The animals were white in the beginning because we used the white Model Magic clay and then the children painted them in their natural colours.  The children presented the animals to their classmates and tried to tell which animal group they belong to. We have also worked hard on putting together Student’s portfolios by arranging students’ work collected throughout the school year into folders that follow the child up to Kindergarten. We were also busy making birthday cards and signing those (five times!) on Thursday. It has been a strange feeling having our last Library, Art, music and Sports lessons and saying “have a great Summer Break!” instead of the usual “see you next week!” :)

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