Friday, 23 May 2014

May 19 - 23

This week the Preschoolers have been learning about the animal group birds. You may also wish to learn a little more about this animal group on this short zoo video: 
During an assembly pre-schoolers reflected upon what we have been learning about so far. The children were able to name all the animal groups they had been introduced to so far as well as most of the characteristics of each of the groups! Well done, pre-schoolers!


This week Toddlers learned about different birds and explored a real bird’ s nest that you all can see in the Preschool hallway. We learned a rhyme/finger game:

“Two little blackbirds sitting on a hill.
One named Jack and one named Jill.
Fly away Jack, flay away Jill.
Come back Jack, come back Jill.”

As the weather was really hot,  we spent a lot of time outside on the playground and explored the birds in the trees. When we felt too hot, we remembered last week’ s topic about fish and cooled our hands in the sensory table filled with water and fish toys!
On Thursday, May 22nd Toddlers celebrated Jakub’s 3rd birthday. We had a real feast outside on the playground where a happy clown named Christina entertained our students by playing games and creating different animals and toys from colourful balloons. Toddlers truly enjoyed the sweets, fruit and, of course, the birthday cake! They day was filled with sunshine and lots of giggles! Thank you Jakub’s mommy for organizing this event! (Please see the photos).
This week Toddlers also prepared and practiced for the Student-led conferences. We remembered all the songs and rhymes we have learned during the 2nd semester, as well as looked through different artworks and projects in our portfolios. We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Preschool 1

Preschool 1 started the week off with a combined Assembly together with Preschool 2. We reflected upon some of the details and facts we have already learned about during the Amazing Animals! Unit of Inquiry.  Mammals feed their new born babies with mother’s milk, and they have hair and limbs; reptiles lay hard eggs and have scales to protect themselves; and fish live in water and have scales and fins. We learnt that most birds have wings and some fly but others do not fly (like penguins). Birds have feathers and many have hollow bones.
During the week we discussed how different animals move and discovered that some walk, some run, some slither, and others fly. We made an owl paper bag puppet and continued colouring in our real life size baby giraffe! Are You My Mother by P.D. Eastman was enjoyed by children during the Library lesson, butterflies in spring where created at Art, and animal songs where practiced during Music. The children have been reflecting upon the learning that has taken place over the last three units and we are looking forward to sharing these detail during the Student-led-conferences on Saturday May 24th!  See you then!

Preschool 2

This week has been very busy in Preschool 2; we have been preparing for the Student-led Conferences as well as learning about birds. The students have worked in pairs practising to tell each other about their work which they will present to their families. Some of the projects were done a couple of months ago and it was interesting to see that they were excited to see these again and were able to reflect and share details about them. We managed to make some birds to decorate our classroom and the students drew some birds with a my-turn, your-turn technique.  Miss Aija demonstrated each step and the students then drew their own birds on paper. Our trip to the forest was another wonderful adventure; we stayed there for the whole day! The children had a task to build a nest for an imaginary bird, and they were really very creative. We taped some videos you will be able to enjoy during your child’s conference.

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