Friday, 25 April 2014

This week we started the new PYP Unit of Inquiry “Amazing Animals”. Over the next 7 weeks we will inquire into: how we classify animals; what it would be like to be different animals; and what we can do to keep animals safe and healthy. 

During the week we also enjoyed wonderful sunny weather and observed how much the nature around us had changed since we had left for the spring break two weeks ago!

We are getting excited about the coming Monday and Tuesday when the whole school will be celebrating the International Days. We hope you too will be able to attend the Flag ceremony on Monday morning, exploring the Nationality tables during the day, and the Independence Day concert on Tuesday at 1:30pm in the gym.

Welcome back after Spring break! This week Toddlers enjoyed the weather outside much more than usual – it was so warm and nice, that we took the opportunity to spend most of the time outside and went in only for Bathroom, Snack, Lunch and Quiet time! One day we even did our Circle time and Music lesson outside. The children had a lot of fun imitating different animal movements in our PE lesson with Mr Joel. Together with Mr Medd Toddlers learned many new songs about different animals. Here is one of them, please ask your child to sing it for you:
“Do you know how cats say Hi? (2x)
Miau, Miau, Miau, Miau, Miau, Miau, Miau! (2x)
Do you know how dogs say Hi?
Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof! (2x)
Do you know how ….. (insert any other animals here) say Hi? (2x)”

Preschool 1
We were excited and enthusiastic to be back at school this week and extended our friendship to our visitor Anna who joined us this week!  The children began the week by playing, drawing and catching up with friends! Then, we watched an animal video of various animals and discussed the many animals we had noticed.  We spoke about there being six animal groups. 
This week, we have been looking closely at one of the six animal groups, mammals, and have learned that we, people, are mammals!  Some other facts shared during the week have included that mammals: nurse their babies (babies feed them on the mother’s milk), mammals are warm-blooded animals and they have to eat a lot of food to maintain their high body temperature. Mammals have hair (even whales have hair before birth!).
Mr Medd introduced us to some new songs about animals and during the week we enjoyed Audrey Wood’s Quick As A Cricket with Ms Legzdina during Library.  Children made their very own giraffes.  Finally, we sorted animal parents and their babies and read Steven Kellogg’s Is My Mama a Llama?

Preschool 2
It’s been great to see everyone back from the holidays! We have had all the 22 Pre2 students at school for three days in a row! We started the new UoI “Amazing Animals” by exploring the animal world set up in the hallway: the children had lots of fun playing with all the different plastic animals in various environments: water, ice, mountains, cave and trees.
Some of our students brought photos from animals from home and shared them in class – thank you! We also watched a couple of videos to observe how different animals can be and we started to learn about classifying them in groups. We have been learning more about mammals and the main characteristics for this big group of animals.
The children have enjoyed making some of the mammals out of special animal pattern paper: they cut out some tigers, giraffes, zebras and leopards. We also made new table cards with various animals on them; our students now compare and name the animals on their own, and the table cards of their friends, every snack time!
We went to the back of the school to explore what animals we could find. And guess what?  We found many ants, some spiders and snails, and many others we couldn’t even name! 

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