Saturday, 5 April 2014

March 31-April 4

The whole Preschool came together twice this week: on Monday we learned about cars and trains by sharing the photos from our field trips. We looked at the photos from both the Latvian Railway history museum our Toddlers and Preschool 1 visited and the Motor museum that the students from Preschool 2 went to a couple of weeks ago. The children reflected on many things and were able to teach each based on their experiences.
On Wednesday British poet Paul Lyalls led a fun workshop for all the pre-schoolers. We found out that poetry can be recited and acted out in so many different fun ways! The children had to actively take part by doing various movements, contributing their ideas and using their imaginations. We all really enjoyed the visit and maybe some future poets will come from ISR!
We are looking forward to going on a whole Preschool field trip to T─ôrvete next week as well as winding up our U of I about transportation.


This week the Toddlers have been very creative and busy. On Wednesday they explored both finger paints and painting with paintbrushes on an easel.  Another art project was drawing wagons of a choo-choo train behind a steam engine. Come and take a look at our wonderful trains in the Toddler classroom!
On Monday we celebrated Liam’s 3rd birthday by creating a book for him, singing songs and eating ice cream at the end of the day. However, on Thursday we had to say good-bye to Liam, because it was his last day in Toddlers. Lots of hugs were given that day and we had a little farewell party with all Toddlers blowing soap bubbles outside on the playground. We wish Liam and his family a great time in Sweden!
Since everybody was present on Wednesday we decided to take another whole class picture, despite the cold weather. You can find it below and if you want proof that time flies, compare it with our class picture from the beginning of the year!

Preschool 1

The Preschool 1 children started the week by welcoming a new class member, Jonathan, to our energetic Preschool community!  Welcome! On Monday we also made aluminium foil airplanes with wings, a tail, a cockpit (for the pilot), windows and decorations. These transportation vehicles have been whizzing around all week and children have been practicing the take-off and landing in various locations! The airplane theme has continued throughout the week with the visiting poet, Paul Lyalls, inspiring the children to imagine how we can fly like planes; as well as a classroom activity of tracing, colouring, and cutting planes.  We also revisited the shape trains that we started last week and reviewed the circle, square, rectangle, and triangle. The concept of past, present and future has also been reviewed with a special visit from Nika's mummy who spoke to the class about her growing belly.  She explained that in the past her belly was not big, however, now, in the present, the baby growing inside of her belly is getting bigger by the day and that soon, in the future, when the baby is born then the size of her belly will change again.  Thank you to Nika's mummy and Nika for your sharing and enthusiasm about the topic! Finally, on Friday, we enjoyed the Kindergarten whole school assembly about friendship!  Thank you friends!
Preschool 2
In Preschool 2 we developed our research skills by creating a chart on the display board and learning how to read it. The students coloured in different vehicles and wrote their names, and, together, we all put them in the right category on the chart. We played a game about how to get to different places on our world map carpet and “visited” their friends.  It was amazing to see that the children have really grasped the concept of what traveling was like in the past compared to nowadays. We had another Waldkinder forest trip on Thursday where we kept building our tree house, collected some flowers and assembled nice bouquets. The children explored some interesting ways of how to break long sticks into smaller ones: they discovered that it is quite easy to do by hitting the stick against a tree, and then it just breaks! We had our last campfire this semester by toasting some marshmallows and enjoying some s’mores.
We are looking forward to next week when the children will create their own 3D vehicles and present them to one another.

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