Friday, 28 March 2014

Present day vehicles...

During the Monday morning Preschool assembly we reflected upon the past and present vehicles and transportation that we have learned about in the last four weeks. We watched and sang along to The Journey Home From Grandpa's: and we listened to what some present day vehicles sound like:   We observed how traffic moves about in very busy cities and discussed that with traffic signs we can improve the flow of traffic and make travel safer for vehicles and pedestrians. Finally, we watch a little video about the red, amber, and green colours in the traffic lights and the meaning of each colour:

This week Toddlers were very excited to create their own cars with our Art teacher Ms Valda, learn new songs about transportation with our Music teacher Mr Medd, and pretend to be a choo-choo train going through an obstacle course together with Mr Joel in PE.
On Thursday, Toddlers celebrated Isabella’s 3rd birthday! Congratulations!!! We created a special book as a gift for Isabella – it looks like a traffic light, as this week was all about traffic lights. Toddlers made their own paper traffic lights, played with our traffic light toys and we learned a new rhyme that will help us to stay safe on the roads:

“Red on top  - means STOP!
Yellow in between – WAIT for green
Green on low – Let’s GO!”

Preschool 1
On Monday the Preschool students made a Traffic Light sign and learned about stop, wait, and go! On Tuesday the students made shape vehicles with Ms Valda in art class and sang We All Live in a Yellow Submarine with Mr Medd! On Wednesday we started to make our shape train where we reviewed circle, square, triangle and rectangle. On Thursday we took advantage of the fine weather and went out on a walking field trip around the neighborhood and looked for these shapes in our surroundings.  We took note of the various vehicles and modes of transportation as well as speed bumps, stop signs, zebra crossing, parking signs, give way signs, speed signs. These were some of the many road and pedestrian signs we spotted on the way! Finally, on Friday we put together our interactive display board where the children can choose to be a driver, pilot, or passenger in a school bus, car, motorcycle, or even a rescue helicopter! Vroom, vroom!

Preschool 2
We started the week by making a train out of big cardboard boxes. The students worked in pairs in transforming a box into a wagon for a train. Children were provided various art and craft materials and tools and further inspiration, to complete the task, was also gained from some videos of trains played on the Smart board. In the end, collaboratively we created a wonderful star train and had great fun playing with it during PE in the Gym. On Tuesday we had quite a messy but certainly fun morning: the children had a chance to paint with cars! We used some finger paints and plastic cars.  Some of the pictures are still drying since lots of paint was being used. J On Wednesday morning the students made some helicopters by cutting them out of paper. We watched them spin down, down, down, as the students let them fly down the top of the Preschool staircase all the way down to the 1st floor. On Thursday the children created a vehicle of their own choice by gluing different paper shapes and then writing down the name of their vehicle. As a result there was a wide range of modes of transportation starting with ice cream trucks and ending with butterflies. J Later on that day, after reading the book about “The Greedy triangle” by Marylin Burns, we went on a walking field trip to look for different shapes in the neighborhood. We looked at the photos taken during the field trip on the Smart Board the next day and drew a line around the shapes we could spot!

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