Friday, 14 March 2014

Our Unit of Inquiry Clip-clop, vroom, zoom! started off with great success last week! During this week’s Monday Morning Preschool Assembly we reflected upon the book Anno's Journey and named some modes of transportation outlined in the book including: walking, riding a horse, horse and cart, horse and carriage, and row boats.  We continued our discussions about other forms of transportation used in the past (a long, long time ago) such as log boats, boats with sails, rafts, tall ships, pirate ships, bicycles, hot air balloons, and steam trains.

The children reflected well upon the time line and matching the various parts of time such as green for the past, red for the present, and blue for the future.  We will continue to revisit this abstract concept throughout the unit and link different modes of transportation and vehicles to these three different sections of time.


This week Toddlers have begun sorting different types of vehicles and placing them on the right part of a poster: on the road, train tracks, water, or in the air. This took place not only as a guided activity but during the free choice play time as well!
We also explored different sizes: small, medium and big. Ms Valda had prepared a project for our Art lesson where Toddlers could create their own art work by using circles and stickers of different sizes and colours. Come and admire them in our classroom!

We finished this week by painting with small and big cars and even with motorcycles, instead of paint brushes! It was fun to imitate the car sounds while painting! Vroom Vroom!

Preschool 1

The Preschool 1 children finished last week off by celebrating Lorenzo’s 4th birthday and started this week by celebrating Alisa’s 4th birthday!  Happy Birthday!  Happy Birthday!  The week continued with flying like airplanes in PE, creating masterpieces during Art, and singing movement songs with Mr Medd.  The children were practicing their fine motor skills by engaging in various activities by colouring, cutting, and pasting Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses (from a long, long time ago in the past) seated in a horse drawn carriage.  Children also make triangle shaped sails for sail boats, and round wheels for old fashioned bicycles!  The past has been a fun and interesting concept to work around these past weeks and we are looking forward to all of the present modes of transportation and vehicles we will learn about beginning next week!

Preschool 2

We have started to learn about the reasons why transportation has changed and is still changing: the children were given a task to create something that would help a puppet get across a river they painted themselves. The children were given sticks, plasticine, foil and straws in order to accomplish the task. It was great to see how enthusiastic most of the students were while adding more and more objects to their pictures! Some are still in the process of completing the project because every morning they would come to class with new ideas about what else they would like to build and add. The conversations they had during the process showed great interest into the topic. During the Field trip to the Riga Motor Museum on Wednesday we saw many different cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes, racing cars (including a rocket car from the 1930ies) and even an amphibian. And finally, we have that very special spring feeling – outdoors we saw some bugs, birds, flies and the first butterfly, a yellow one!

Thank you as well to the Grade 7 students for reading to the pre-schoolers on Thursday afternoon!


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