Friday, 7 March 2014

March 3-7

Our previous PYP Unit of Inquiry All Year Round was great fun and a success, although a little confusing because this year winter looked and felt more like spring!:)

We have now started our new PYP Unit of inquiry Clip-clop, vroom, zoom! with the Central idea: vehicles and transportation change over time. The lines of inquiry are:

          different types of transportation and vehicles;

          changes in transportation and vehicles through history; and

          reasons for the development of transportation and vehicles.

During the first few weeks of this Unit of Inquiry we are going to learn about what kinds of transportation existed in the past and how they have been used and what they looked like. 

You are welcome to send to school any materials such as books, toys (maybe even from a long time ago), videos, and photos to support learning of the pre-school students.

On Monday the Preschoolers where introduced to the new Unit of Inquiry, Clip clop, vroom, zoom. We looked at a book Anno's Journey published by Scholastics that shows the journey Anno takes a long time ago.  There are transportation vehicles like a row boat, a horse, horse with cart and carriage.  We discussed that the first form of transportation was walking, followed some of these forms of transportation observed in Anno's Journey. A second topic introduced was the concept of time!  Green for the past, red for the present, and blue for the furture.  This abstract concept will be revisited every week and we will try to identify where different transport and vehicles fit in these three sections of time.


Starting the new unit of inquiry Clip-clop, vroom, zoom! we thought about transportation in the past.  Toddlers colored in horses and enjoyed imitating the sounds of horse shoes by using different percussion instruments with Mr Medd in the Music lesson. Later on this week Toddlers were introduced to Mr Medd’s keyboard which can make the sound of an engine starting up.

During our Art lesson Toddlers created colourful friendship bracelets for themselves and their family members with Ms Valda. It was a fun challenge for their little fingers!

We have great news – our Toddlers group has grown! This week we welcomed our friend Krista back from California, as well as a new friend – Jakub from Poland! Welcome to Toddlers!

Preschool 1

During the week Preschool 1 began to explore the horse as a mode of transportation.  We looked closely at Anno's Journey and looked carefully to locate where Anno and his horse were in each picture. The book demonstrated how people moved about a long time ago (by horse, row boats, horse and carriage, horse and cart).  In Art class children made puppet horses with clothes pegs for legs! Children explored various vehicles and modes of transportation and started to link their use to water, air, or land. Marat, Alex, and Otto started to share with the class their reflections of their travels during the ski break.  Thank  you boys! We also celebrated Lorenzo's 4th birthday!  Happy Birthday Lorenzo! 

Preschool 2

Two students re-joined Preschool 2 this week: welcome back Olivia and Leela! During two days this week we had a full class - 22 students! A very busy class, indeed; we were so busy we did not even manage to take the whole class photo!:) Let’s hope we have a day with everybody present again soon. During the week we were busy creating a carriage by painting a big box.  Students decided to paint it “red, orange and yellow” and we added horses to explore how people got to places back in past. The students have great fun playing in the carriage, riding the horses and feeding them. The boys decided that the carriage was missing wheels so they cut some out of paper and attached it to the vehicle. On Thursday we went to the forest for the first time this semester and: “we do a house, “we hold on the rope”, “ we did pick up grass’, ‘make a fire’, “we cooked marshmallows”, “we go up on a mountain”. It was wonderful to enjoy the fresh air, space and nature again!

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