Friday, 21 March 2014

March 17 - 21 - choo choo!

During our Preschool Assembly on Monday we reviewed the title of our Unit of Inquiry, Clip-clop, vroom, zoom!

Miss Dace helped us to inquire into how certain vehicles have changed over time; from Past to Present: a bike into a motorcycle, a carriage into a car, a horse and plough into a tractor, a row boat into a motorboat, an air balloon into a plane, and a steam train into a super-fast electric train! Children had great fun acting out all these present day vehicles. The children were also clear on the reason for the change and explained that it was ‘to go faster”.  Let’s see if can find out even more reasons in the weeks to come! The modes of transportation were also demonstrated in the music animation video We All Go Traveling By!  Please enjoy:

During the week we also danced along a “STOP!” song by Patti Shukla where children practiced both doing different movements and stopping them whenever the word “stop” came up in the song.  It sounds like an easy task, but it is not at all, especially with such an inviting music all you want is to dance along to!

The highlight of this week in Toddlers was our field trip to the Latvian Railway history museum. The adventure started by Toddlers and Preschool 1 embarking a big bus to go to the museum. Our tour guide there was Mr Toms Altbergs. He showed us a giant black steam engine with five big red wheels on each side and we were even allowed to climb inside and take a good look around. Another thing all the children loved was the model railway with several types of trains going round and round.

We highly recommend you visit the museum with your family because there is so much more to see and explore than we had time for – please see the link for more information in English:
Thank you for your support to all parents who came with us!

Since this field trip our new Toddlers hit song is:

“Puffer train, puffer train
Noisy little puffer train
Puffer train, puffer train
Noisy little puffer train
If you’re going to the sea
Puffer train oh please take me!
Pfff pfff pfff shhh shhh shhh
Shhh shhh shhh shhh shhh shhh… shhhhhhh!!!
Noisy little puffer train!”

Preschool 1
This week we have been excited to welcome a new friend in to the Preschool 1 class, Isla, welcome!  During the week we have been matching vehicles to the location they best fit (airplane to air, train to train tracks, car to road, and boat to water); making vehicles by using many different shapes (squares, rectangles, circles…); tracing, cutting, colouring and pasting shape trains; and discussing the many different modes of transportation use in the present. During the Wednesday’s field trip to the Railway Museum the children had an opportunity to explore and learn about the train and how it moves along.  We have been making our own classroom trains through various pictures and through song and movement:

This is a cho-cho train,
Puffing round the track.
Now it’s moving forward,
Now it’s moving back.

Now the bell is ringing,
Now the whistle blows!
What a lot of noise it makes!
Everywhere it goes!

Preschool 2
This week in Preschool 2 we had several activities where our students experienced working together in groups of four. The children shared their river projects they made last week by presenting their project.  The rest of the group had to remember and share one thing from their friends’ performance. We were proud of how well the children took turns speaking and listened to each other! During the field trip to the forest children had a task to build something that would help them cross an imaginary body of water: a river or a lake. That was a far more challenging task because it is not easy to decide what and how to build together with three other friends! Enjoy the photos to see how creative our students are! On Friday, Mr Renars showed us what the engine looks like in his car. Then, later on in class we brainstormed about how we could turn our carriage into a car, and the children decided that we have to add the following things: some wheels, an engine, some water, petrol and gas, a boot or a trunk, a steering wheel, a battery, a person to drive the car and also some seats and seatbelts. Lots to do for the next week!:)

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