Friday, 14 February 2014

All Year Round

This week started with our Preschool assembly where we reflected upon last week’s Fall assembly which was, not only rich in red, orange, yellow, and brown colours, but with the many fall related songs we sang.  We then inquired further into all of the seasons and watched some links, power point presentations, and sang some more songs.  Following the assembly all the children went outside to play and inquire into the weather and research whether it is still winter or if spring is already on its way! The Preschool children may wish to revisit some of the songs and links:

Winter:      End of winter scenes of mother bear and her cubs, icicles and snow melting, and the first signs of spring. 

Spring: We watched a part of this spring related time laps video: of sprouting plant:    
Some more spring scenes:     

Summer: We played a movement game and recalled the many different activities that we can do in summer including: swim, jump into the water, rowing a boat, pick strawberries, riding a bike, and celebrate Jāņi.

Fall: We discussed the characters of fall and sang:
Fall leaves, fall leaves, let us gather fall leaves
Let them grow, let them grow, put them in the basket!!
Mushrooms... apples...chesnuts...carrots... potatoes...pumpkins...tomatoes... nuts...

During the Friday assembly the children sang many friendship related songs and danced along in nursery rhymes to celebrate Valentine Day.

This week started with a double birthday party in Toddlers  – we celebrated Simon’s and Demyan’s 3rd birthdays as they are both born on  exactly the same day! Toddlers created a book for each of them and celebrated with big ice- creams covered with lots of chocolate.  Of course we also sang “Happy Birthday” for them many times throughout the day.
As we continued our current Unit of Inquiry “All year round” we talked about season and weather appropriate clothing.  Toddlers were very excited to dress up our teddy bears and monkey George according to cold and warm weather. See the pictures!
We celebrated Valentine ’s Day by creating heart shaped sun-catchers and baked heart shaped cookies together with Preschool 1 children. It was so much fun sharing our heart cookies with our friends from Preschool!

Preschool 1
During the week the Preschool 1 children enjoyed to make some more raindrops with glue and tissue paper to add to the autumn/fall wall.  They were thinkers when they identified which season their birthday falls and they chose and explained which of the four seasons is their favourite. A season wheel was coloured in with a spinning arrow so that the children could play a game in naming what season the arrow landed on! We have been working very hard in learning some new sounds and writing cues for the sounds /g/, /o/, /c/, and /k/. The week has been very busy and we have enjoyed a friendly finish to the week when children baked and shared their friendship on Valentine’s Day with their specialist teachers as a gesture of their friendship.

Preschool 2
We engaged in several learning activities devoted to research and developing skills such as sorting, observation, asking questions, all needed for research.  We discussed which season the photos sent from students’ homes belong, then sorted them and finally put together our season book. You can find the book on the table in the hallway and are welcome to stop by and look through it. On Monday morning the children were excited to see their plants and how much they have grown over the weekend. We also learned that asking questions to other people is a good way to help us learn more.  We coloured some pictures of different celebrations and during our discussions in our class we discovered that we knew a bit about some and nothing at all about others.  We discussed how to find out more and came to the idea that we could do this by visiting the older grades.  Thank you Grades 8 & 9 for helping the pre-schoolers to find out more about celebrations! 

On Friday, Valentine’s Day, we baked some cupcakes (turned out a little bit flatJ).  We decorated them with some icing and sprinkles and sent them home, along with a Valentine’s card, to enjoy with families.

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