Friday, 24 January 2014

The last week of Semester 1, January 20th - 24th

This week has been a bit quieter in Preschool due to many student absences.  Several times during the week the various age groups came together and enjoyed different learning activities together. 

Our week began with our whole Preschool PYP assembly – we looked into the season SPRING which was presented by Preschool 2 students and their teachers Ms Aija and Ms Lauma.

We started by watching a time lapse video of growing grass. Then we listened to several Spring sounds and guessed what they were. Listen to and enjoy them at home: 
Spring sounds and videos:

Then Ms Zoja tought us a song called “Spring is here!” We did a Flower dance imagining what happens to flowers in winter and in spring. The children played a game with handmade flowers, music and action movements – we discovered that in winter flowers are sleeping and in spring they sprout up and dance in the sun!
We looked at the pictures that show different activities people do in spring. The children noticed that in spring we clean up our houses, do gardening, plant seeds and water them, and pick flowers. Easter bunny is bringing us eggs and we have to collect them in the basket. We can splash the water in the puddles if we have our rubber boots on!
At the end of our assembly Ms Zoja taught us a new action song about a birdie hatching out of the egg. It was such fun!

On Thursday we had two special visitors from Grade 9! Rebeka and Bartek came to read for us. Everyone enjoyed the stories about caring for a flower and a spider who wanted to be a pet. Thank you so much for reading to us and come back soon, please!

This week our collaborative collage has grown, when toddlers added pictures of spring. Furthermore we learned about a new shape – square and green colour. Toddlers cut the squares by themselves and covered them with green paint and green tissue papers.
We also focused on improving individual self-help skills, especially for getting dressed and being independent in the bathroom.

Preschool 1
This week’s focus of spring was challenging for the Preschool 1 students to imagine due to the very cold weather!  We did, however, discuss the various ways in which nature changes from winter to spring including temperature, colours, and activities.  The students practiced their fine motor skills by creating: colourful spring flowers with glue and tissue paper; birds returning to Latvia and laying eggs in their nests (cutting, colouring, and gluing); putting soil into pots, sowing and watering seeds; and putting together many colourful puzzles with spring themes.  We also enjoyed Otto’s presentation of his holiday trip and some delicious treats from Thailand!

Preschool 2
This week it has been busy in Preschool 2 again.  As we have focused on the season spring, we did some planting.  We were practicing our math skills by counting pebbles, following instructions and guessing the amount of soil we will need for the pots. 
We added the next decorations onto our classroom display board.  After last week’s winter snow angels, snowmen, and snowflakes, this week we added spring flowers and butterflies made in Arts with Ms Valda.
In PE we practised climbing, running, crawling and throwing.
On Friday we decorated our SfA writing journal with pictures and stickers. We reflected on our wonderful paintings we made with ice and finger paints last week. Come and see them on the display board in our classroom!

January 24th - End of Semester 1
Semester 2 will start on January 27th
Reports will go home on January 31st, 2014

Special reminder: Stay healthy!

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