Friday, 10 January 2014

All Year Round!

Welcome back and a happy and successful new year!!! 

This week we have started our new unit of inquiry “All Year Round”, which will run until the end of February.  The central idea is that seasonal changes occur in a cycle which repeats each year.

The lines of inquiry for this unit are as follows:
          Seasonal changes (outdoor environment, clothing, activities, festivities, etc.);
          Sequential / chronological events; and
          Different ways of exploring, observing and comparing seasonal features.

We would like to remind you that we go outside every day to get some fresh air and provide the children with an opportunity to run, play, dig and explore the many wonderful things that the nature brings us (including mud!).  Please ensure that your child has appropriate clothing for outside time as well as a change of clothes for the times that it is needed.  Thank you.


The first week back after the Winter break has been very exciting for us. On Monday we welcomed two new Toddlers to our group, Knut and Matīss. We hope you will enjoy your learning journey in Toddlers and will have a fun time with your new friends! 

This week the Toddlers focused on recognizing numbers up to 5 and the first letter of their name. Everybody did a great job in finding their letter and sorting the numbers for our first arts and crafts project – decorating a new place mat for snack and lunch. Some children have also started to practise their pre-writing skills by tracing dotted lines, which form the letters of their names.
In our music lesson Mr Medd taught us new songs about the seasons which relate to our new Unit of Inquiry „All Year Round”. Toddlers have also enjoyed painting on an easel with seasonal colors.

Preschool 1

We started the week off with making a heart shaped birthday book for our birthday boy Raimonds!    Happy birthday to both Raimonds and Mikhail!  The week continued with introducing the children to the names of the four seasons and opportunities for thinking about and sharing our thoughts and ideas about what qualities and events we think take place in these different seasons.  As the unit unfolds we will be able to revisit our information charts regarding the four seasons and check to see what things we can add or change as we learn more about them. 

During the week the classroom birthday tree has also transformed to reflect some of the different characteristics of the seasons. Children will be able to associate their birthday with a particular season and object (apple for autumn, snowman for winter, bird for spring, and flower for summer).  Children particularly enjoyed The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett, The Day It Snowed by Barbara E. Harmeryer, and A Book Of Seasons by Alice Provensen.
Preschool 2

On Monday, the children were excited to meet their friends and share the adventures and experiences they had over the Winter break. We started our new Unit by looking carefully at the big posters of four seasons in the hallway, describing what we see on them and indicating the similarities and differences between the pictures. Some of the students even named the seasons already while talking about the posters. On Thursday morning the students were provided with different coloured paper shapes and their task involved making a picture by using the shapes. It was amazing to see how creative our students are; they made transformers, cars, flowers, their mommies and daddies and even a mouse! They shared their pictures with each other and named all the shapes they had used. We are also reviewing the letter sounds during Alphie time as well as learning some of the new 2-letter sounds (we looked at ourselves in some mirrors while learning to make the /th/ sound and were excited to find out that we have to stick out the tip of our tongue out to be able to pronounce it the right way!).  We are planning to test the children to divide them in groups according their ability. We were busy on Friday morning making two birthday cards since one of the students had his birthday over the break. Happy birthday to both of you Vladimir and Artjom!

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