Friday, 31 January 2014

January 27-31

We started the week in Preschool with an assembly about summer on Monday. The children learned about activities we can do in summer and acted them out. We also listened to the sounds of summer: birds singing, rain and  a thunderstorm. It turned out that we have some pretty brave children in Preschool: only a couple of students and some teachers are afraid of thunder and lightning!J We learned that people in Latvia celebrate Ligo (the Midsummer festival) in summer and some of the exciting things they do on that night is jump over a campfire and sing. We practised the jumping part in class and had great fun. On Thursday two students from Grade 7 came to read to the whole  Preschool. It was exciting to see the older girls interact with our young learners!

This week Toddlers have used their little fingers a lot! We practised cutting with small scissors, beading and lacing in different ways. We also kept our fingers busy with play-dough and explored different grains in our big sensory table. We share this table with our big friends from Preschool 1 and 2 who can teach us a lot about self-help skills.
During this week’s music lesson Toddlers were treated to a special performance by the teacher duo Mr Medd & Mr Arnold. With their two big guitars and their harmonic vocals they astonished our little students.   Thank you for the amazing show!!!
 Preschool 1
The Preschool 1 children explored and inquired into the season Summer during the coldest week of winter!  Colorful summer flowers were made in Ms Valda's art class and children liked to choose their own color for each petal. The beach, summer clothing, and the many different activities we can do at the beach during the summer were explored and the children each compiled their own preferred beach scene (some even had sharks!!!).  Otto and Konstance each presented their family season wheel to the rest of their classmates and we continued to learn about the festivities and activities we can do in different seasons. Finally, we continued to decorate our 4 season's tree with green leaves and the children enjoyed wearing their green leaf summer crowns during the week!
Preschool 2
On Monday we had a pretend picnic in class: we ate our snack in a meadow (on the carpet) listening to bird songs. Since we were not able to go outside due to the cold for the whole week we managed to explore quite a few more activities that are usually done in the summertime: we played with boats in water and went camping in a pretend tent and slept in a sleeping bag.  We created pictures related to summer out of plasticine and explored what is it like to paint with bubbles. Our students are very interested in how the seeds and plants are sprouting and growing; checking on their plants and comparing them to those of their classmates is the first thing most of them do in the mornings. This week we also discovered that we have some great cooks in Preschool 2  - Thank you Oliver, Klara and Sophie for sharing the yummy snacks with us!

We are looking forward to the next week when we will be learning more about fall.

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