Friday, 29 November 2013

November 25 - 29

First of all we would like to thank all families for coming to the Student Led Conferences, they were a great success and a wonderful opportunity for the children to share their learning.
This week we have continued to explore Nursery Rhymes and have been rehearsing for our whole school assembly led by Preschoolers and Toddlers. Next Friday, December 6th, we will finish off this Unit of Inquiry by celebrating our learning with a Nursery Rhymes show.
Reminder: Winter is approaching fast now and as the weather gets cold, wet and unpredictable, please make sure your child has appropriate clothes (warm and waterproof) for outside play time. Also check whether your child has extra socks/tights and trousers in the cubbies upstairs, since we might need to change on wet days.

Thank you to all Toddler families for participating in our Student Led Conferences. Having you in the class and sharing their life in Toddlers with you meant a lot to our little students!
This week Toddlers have started exploring basic colours and have reflected on them by creating a path of colourful shapes. This was a Toddler led inquiry and completely their own initiative. Everyone joined and had great fun jumping from one colourful shape to another.
This Wednesday was very special for some of our Toddlers because they saw not only the first snow of this season, but for some of them it was the first time they saw snow in their life!

Preschool 1

During the week the Preschool 1 students learnt a new nursery rhyme and made a watercolour poster stages with interactive stick figures to play out the rhyme:

Jack and Jill
Went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water,
Jack fell down
And broke his crown
And Jill came tumbling after.

We had fun making play dough together and smelling, touching and mixing all the ingredients together!  Students also reflected upon earlier rhymes about spiders and made spiders out of the play dough, counted and added eight legs and even made a web for the spider to live in.  During the week students have also been learning a new song for the upcoming Winter Festival and already are so excited about the event!  

Preschool 2

With all the Winter celebrations approaching fast, we have started preparing for that wonderful time of the year this week! The children have been working on making our own Advent Calendar in our classroom. This project is initiated and led by Miss Sandra, and we all are pretty excited about the whole process of it: each of us making a house with a number on it and waiting for a chance to open it and see what surprise is awaiting us each day until Christmas! Thank you, Miss Sandra for getting us into Christmas spirit already! A lot of time, including most of the Specialist classes, is being spent on preparing for two big on-stage events: performing Nursery Rhymes at the whole school Assembly on 6th of December and the Winter Festival on December 12th.

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