Friday, 18 October 2013

Book Week

What a great an exciting week we just had! All the children came dressed up as their favourite book characters on Monday. We took part in the whole school Parade and then following this exciting event children shared their costumes and books they had chosen in classroom circle times afterwards! The pre-schoolers eye-witnessed FALL this year, and the whole hallway and stairwell area was transformed into a forest with lots of fall leaves on floor and on the walls. There was a tree house set-up with a bookshelf full of fall related books and comfortable pillows and torches for reading! The sensory trays were full of moss, chestnuts and little rocks for little hands to explore. There were also some apples and zucchinis placed in baskets for children to wonder about with. We had a series of rotations where the children experienced the same activities in cross-age groups including: reading “The Mushroom in the rain” by Mirra Ginsburg and acting the story out; singing some autumn songs; and colouring in animal masks. On Wednesday we went on a field trip to the Open Air Museum to look for the signs of and observe what fall looks like in a lush forest in real life. We enjoyed the leaves falling from the trees and dancing in the air as the wind blew! There was also a playground by the fisherman`s house that children enjoyed to explore.  We had our annual Pajama party on Thursday with many children dressed-up in their favourite pajamas and sharing them during the parade. All preschool groups took part in the annual Readathon by visiting the special reading place and listening to books being read by their teachers and other students.
Book week has been a great success in Toddlers. We have had many special visitors.  Students from Grade 6 and many Toddler parents came and read books to us. Thank you, Liam’s parents, Albert’s mummy, Lucy’s mummy and Eliza’s daddy! Our music lessons with Mr Medd was also very special this week! The music room had turned into a concert venue and we had the opportunity to sing a rock music version of “The wheels on the bus”, “Old McDonald” and other Toddler favourite nursery rhymes with a real microphone! Last but not least Toddlers fully enjoyed exploring our preschool hallway and playing with the fall treasures from the forest. On the last day of Book week we enjoyed the Readathon in the library and celebrated Frederik’s 3rd birthday. Happy Birthday, Frederik!
Children liked to observe the many interesting costumes on Monday and were risk-takers as they confidently participated in the parade!  Well done!!
The preschool 1 students enjoyed working with the fall theme during this exciting book week.  We liked to complete several art activities some of which included: pasting a pumpkin, decorating a tree in autumn colours, and creating a lady in a pumpkin to translate a rhyme into a different form:
Peter, Peter pumpkin eater,
Had a wife but couldn't keep her;
He put her in a pumpkin shell
And there he kept her very well.

Preschool 2
It’s not easy to list all the exciting things we did this week, but first off all we would like thank the parents who came to read some books to us during the Book week! It was wonderful to have visitors and experience many different reading styles as well as enjoy books children had never heard before. We had some beautiful, but lonely, mushrooms awaiting us on the classroom doors on Monday, so children made some animals that hid from the rain like in the story “The Mushroom in the rain” during the course of the week. We visited some of the rooms around the school that were transformed into various places from books or real life. It was also great fun to experience being on stage during Music class and to see what the Harry Potter’s academy looked like in the library.  We also visited the Kindergarten class on Friday to perform our short play about the Mushroom in the rain and make some bird feeders during the art and craft activity led by kindergarteners. Lots of learning and fun has been going on during the book week this year!  Finally, we finished off the week by joining the whole school’s assembly on Friday afternoon.
Let’s rest during the next week for the Fall Break (no School) – October  21st – 25th, 2013.  See you all on Monday, October 28th!

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