Friday, 13 September 2013

September 9 - 13

The third week of school in Preschool has been full of exciting activities! We are very happy that all of our Preschoolers have arrived and are settling in well and have started to get used to the busy schedule and daily routine, which is part of our first PYP Unit of Inquiry (UoI) “I am a Preschooler”. 

We started this week by gathering together for an assembly on Monday morning. Preschoolers had a chance to sing some songs together about school and home. We ended our assembly with an open discussion about what is home and what are the things we have and do at home, as well as how is home different from school.

Tuesday and Wednesday were the whole school photo days, when the photographer came and every child had the chance to look smart and smile at the camera. Now we just can’t wait for those pictures to arrive!

Toddlers had a wonderful chance to enjoy the sunny weather outside every day. We began and ended every day outside on the playground, exploring the toys and discovering new friends in Preschool. We heard some of our little students saying: ”Look! Sky! It’s sunny! Let’s go! Play!”
Toddlers have lots of fun during Mr Medd’s music lessons twice a week and are eager to sing along the “Wheels on the bus”, “I’m a happy Preschooler”, “Head, shoulders, knees and toes” as well as several other tunes, which our Music teacher  plays on his ukulele. Toddlers also have learned to sing the “Clean up song”, as well as the “Bye-bye song”, which have become part of our daily routine.
On Wednesday Toddlers celebrated Miss Britta’s birthday with a twist and in style! Toddlers enjoyed drawing Miss Britta, sang “Happy Birthday” several times and finished the day with a great ice cream party outside in the sunshine.

The Preschool 1 children have continued to enjoy some additional outside time in the mornings and have demonstrated their bike riding, climbing, and shovelling skills in various games they have initiated. 
The children continued to explore the concept of Big, medium, and small and worked on a project involving stacking apples of various sizes on to each other.  
The children continue to learn about the Preschool routine and are familiarizing themselves with the sequence of the calendar circle time activities.  The line leader has also started to learn how to bow down (and the audience to applaud) when the line leader has finished his/her counting and presenting! We are also learning new songs and games as time goes on.

Preschool 2
On Monday the Preschool 2 children were excited to start the SfA program by meeting Alphie, the crocodile puppet that speaks the special language called ‘Alphie talk’. We will be learning the letter sounds and listening to the sounds in words as well as trying to blend sounds in real words during this semester.  We will also learn to write letters the proper way using the letter cues.
Preschool 2 went out on their first Waldkinder field trip this school year!  They explored the paths, explored the environment and nature, rescued lizards and frogs, swung on ropes, built stick houses, discovered sand dunes and used cameras to record our discoveries. We also celebrated the first birthday this year: Happy Birthday, Oliver! Since we are learning about getting used to settling into a new community, we finished the week by coming together with students from Kindergarten and Grade 4 for making some Smores together. 

Reminder: As ISR afterschool activities have begun, please be reminded that the pick-up time for those children who have afterschool activities is no later than 4:00 pm.

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