Friday, 27 September 2013

September 23-27

We all met on Monday morning for an assembly to sing a few songs about our body parts and look at some pictures that showed many different ways we use our body parts and our body as a whole.
This week the Toddlers have worked busily on their arts & crafts projects in the mornings. Together with their teachers they explored stickers and shapes, as well as different sponges and other tools for painting.
We had a little surprise visitor this week! A butterfly really likes the Toddler’s artwork in the hallway and keeps coming back to sit on it, as if it was a flower. See the picture below!
This week the Preschool 1 children worked on cutting out and putting together a My Body puzzle, as well as created a collage of My Family.  Discussions about friendship took place and the children traced hearts and verbalized to whom they would give each one of their special hearts.  The Preschool 1 students also enjoyed reviewing the line of inquiry: how we use our bodies (swimming, walking, stretching, sleeping, tip toeing, jumping, and particularly running!) through discussions and unit related books such as Richard Scarry’s First Little Learners: This Is Me.  Time outside in the rain has also been a new experience for some of our children and the exploration of puddles, and mud, have been so much fun!
Preschool 2
The Preschool 2 students this week have been exploring the new light table and playing with different coloured plastic shapes there. It has been fun to see what shape or colour you get by putting the pieces next to each other or one on the top of another! Most of the children have finished their real-size silhouettes by adding more details to them, like hats, t-shirts and even necklaces and bracelets they made in Arts with Miss Valda. The children had their first experience to share their learning with a partner this year: they presented their morning routines project to a classmate and listened to their partner afterwards. It was great to see how children’s excitement grew, performance improved, and their confidence rose with each time! On Thursday we went to the forest to explore and enjoy the woods even further: we went on an “expedition” with a smaller group of kids to see what the forest is like when we walked deeper into it. We found a wide variety of mushrooms and “trees that were smaller and more of” comparing to the side of the forest. The children made interesting people out of sticks and other forest treasures making sure that their “people” have all the body parts needed. We made some hot chocolate on a fireplace at the end of the trip and drove back to school tired but happy!

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