Friday, 6 September 2013

September 2-6

On Monday the whole Preschool came together to talk about what school is and what we do there. Some of the things they mentioned were: “teachers”, “friends”, “water”, “Pizza Fridays’, “outside playtime” and “we sleep at school”.  We also sang a few songs together!
Since the beginning of this week we have 12 Toddlers from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, England, Lithuania, Russia, US and Latvia. We are very happy that all of our students have arrived and are settling in well. We have enjoyed the sunny weather, and we have had the chance to play outside every day.  We enjoy the time in the mornings and after nap time that we spend together with our friends from Preschool. On Friday we celebrated Hanna’s 2nd birthday – she is the youngest student at the International School of Riga! The Toddlers had fun singing “Happy Birthday”, blowing soap bubbles and drawing pictures for Hanna which we later compiled in a book! Congratulations!!!
This week the Preschool 1 students continued their journey of getting used to the weekly routine. Children started to work on their ‘I am a pre-schooler” book and learned to identify whether they are a boy or a girl. We took advantage of the wonderful weather and extended our outside play time a few mornings as well!

Preschool 2

We spent a lot of time on learning and practising how to become better friends to each other by further exploring different feelings and the appropriate ways of expressing them. We learned about how important it is to share toys, experiences and opinions with each other. The children have received a number of house points for being caring and polite to each other which demonstrates their understanding of what kind of behaviour is appropriate at school. On Friday, we had a wonderful time playing some games outside with the 6thgrade students!


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