Friday, 20 September 2013

I Am A Preschool

It is clear that the Preschoolers are getting used to the school routine which include the many interesting specialist classes, transitions, and classroom activities!  One of the three lines of inquiry of our unit I Am A Preschooler are routines.   During the Monday assembly we all enjoyed watching and singing along to various songs relating to routines.  Please enjoy them at home with your child!  

This is the way I go to school: 
I love you ICE CREAM:    
Head shoulders knees and toes    
Wake up! Daily routine song:

Every Friday the Toddlers enjoy their Library lessons with Miss Legzdina.  Toddlers like listening to the stories she shares, exploring the pictures in the books, and sometimes singing a song or two.

Jurijs’ mommy brought in a special surprise this week: big soap bubbles! The Toddlers had so much fun trying to catch them!  They were admiring the many colours and shapes of the bubbles. Thank you, Jurijs’ mommy!

This week all Toddlers also worked diligently on their first cooperative Toddler art project by using and exploring a wide variety of materials – crayons, pastels, markers, finger paint, stickers and our hands of course! See the fantastic result on the bulletin board in the hallway!

On Monday we celebrated Otto’s 4th birthday and on Friday Grigory’s 4th birthday– Happy Birthday boys!

The Preschool 1 children have been working on fine motor skill by creating self-portraits made of colourful plasticine. Outside play time continues to be very popular and the children have enjoyed exploring Marat’s doctor set!

Songs and movement are popular with the children and we have been enjoying these types of activities not only with our Music specialist Mr. Medd, but in the weekly routines and assemblies!

Preschool 2
It has been quite a busy week in Preschool 2 we have had 20 children at school on most of the days! We have received compliments like: it’s amazing how quietly and nicely pre 2 children are walking along the hallways in school! This means that the children have gotten used to the school routines and expectations in terms of appropriate behaviour! Fantastic! 

On Monday we celebrated Maxim`s birthday with animators, balloons and cake outside. It was a lot of fun for all the children.  

We measured ourselves to see how tall we are as preschoolers in the beginning of the school year. The children have worked on decorating their real-size paper shapes that will be used for learning about our body parts and what we use them for. During the Alphie time we learned the following sounds: /s/ /d/ /t/ and /i/. There is always a song and a short video related to each sound we listen to and watch on the SmartBoard. 

Please be reminded that the first days of fall with rain, shine and some colder weather have begun.  To ensure your child’s comfort and safety, please make sure children are dressed appropriately for these weather conditions.

We hope to see many of you at the Open House event tomorrow at 4 pm!

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