Friday, 30 August 2013

I am a Preschooler!

The first days of school in Preschool have been very successful – full of excitement and fun! This, however, has been the first full week of school in the 2013-14 school year!  Children and teachers enjoyed a full school week and began to acquaint themselves with the schedule and routine. 

Our first PYP Unit of Inquiry (UoI) I am a Preschooler. 
The central idea of the UoI is: we need to adapt to a new community when we begin school.

Lines of inquiry are as follows:
·         The reasons for going to school,
·         Routines, and
·         Different ways I use my body.

We started the UoI by gathering together for an assembly on Monday morning.  This gave us a chance to sing some songs together and begin to recognize the three various age groups that make up the preschool group: Toddlers, Preschool 1, and Preschool 2.

The Toddlers sang “Wheels on the bus” several times every day, including during the Library and Music and PE lessons.  By the end of the first full week at school most of the Toddlers learned this song by heart!
The Toddlers also explored play dough and finger paint; created their own placemats for Snack and Lunch; coloured their school - or as some of them call it “Our Toddler Home”; enjoyed their first story times and nap times ;)  They also loved to play outside every day together with the rest of Preschoolers – the weather has been absolutely wonderful during these first days of school!

The Preschool 1 children coloured in their birthday boy/girl which was then added to the birthday tree.  They enjoyed colouring and observing the four seasons of the birthday tree (orange, blue, yellow, and green).  PE, Music, Art, and Library specialist classes were enjoyed and colourful play dough was requested on a number of occasions! 

The Preschool 2 children worked together to create a friendship tree!  They liked exploring the new classroom toys and the outdoor equipment along with their fellow preschool friends.  The House System was introduced and all the preschool 2 children earned their first house points! Well done!
We wrapped the week up with the Sausage Sizzle for all students, their families, and ISR staff! During the weeks to come we are looking forward to meeting a few more new students!  

Please be reminded that the Meet the Teacher evening will take place on Thursday 5th of September from 18:00-18:45 and from 19:00-19:45 (both sessions will offer the same information).   

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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