Friday, 7 June 2013

June 3-7

Toddlers started this week by creating a large collaborative mini beast painting. They continued to explore different mini beasts through various activities – they enjoyed creating their own spider webs and spiders as well as ants from grapes and sticks together with Preschool 1. Later they shared these yummy and healthy ants with other Pre-schoolers at the end of the year Alphie’s party. For those of you who still wonder who is Alphie – he is an alligator who is fully responsible for all the sounds and letters our Pre- schoolers are learning during their Success for All lessons. Toddlers were also very excited to receive the greeting cards from Alphie! As the weather has been very nice this last week we frequently spent our unit of inquiry time outside exploring the mini beasts on our playground with the magnifying glasses. So far we have discovered that the following mini beasts can be found: ants, flies, earthworms, lady bugs, wasps, bees, bumble bees (Toddlers favourite!), worms, caterpillars, big black bugs and little Incy Wincy spiders. If you find some more out there – come and show and tell us!
On Monday the Preschool 1 children made green ants (three green grapes placed onto a toothpick) as a healthy snack to share with the Toddlers and Preschool 2 children at the SFA Alphie party at the end of the day!  We have worked through all of the initial sounds during the second semester and, at the party, children received certificates for being such active and knowledgeable participants!  On Tuesday children enjoyed another mini beasts rotation where they either participated in an art, music, story-time, or movement activity.  On Wednesday children worked on a connect the dots ladybug which they ornamented with colours and spots!  During IT the children enjoyed the challenge of categorizing mini beasts, and Library lesson with a book Goodnight Sweet Butterflies.  During our afternoon assembly we practiced our ‘’Kas Dārzā’’ song and dance that the preschool children will be performing at Jāņi on Tuesday June 18th! On Thursday morning some Preschool 2 children came to work with the Preschool 1 children in testing out their math skills and working on a lady bug math game.  Music class, again, was filled with wonderful sounds of mini beasts including spider and caterpillar songs and dance! On Friday children continued to practice some of the activities that will be a part of the Sports Day next Friday.  As we come closer to the end of the school year then we are beginning to say our farewells to children already leaving for their summer vacation.  We wish Elsa, Nikola, and Ivan a lovely summer and we look forward to seeing you again in the next school year!
This week the Preschool 2 children have been working hard on putting together their portfolios. That means looking back at all the work done over the course of the School year and arranging it all in a folder for it to go along with the child to his next class. On Thursday we went to the forest for the last time. This time we spent the whole day there! The children: made some forest crowns; looked for hidden treasure following the arrows; and had both meals in the forest. They also played a game with Mr Neil where they had to walk to Miss Aija with their eyes blind-folded, following directions given by a classmate! We said proper ‘good-buys’ and ‘thank you’ to the forest for the fun time we had spent there this year.  We hope that the experience the children had this year in the woods will keep their interest about nature alive for a long time!

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