Friday, 10 May 2013

May 7-10

Welcome back after Spring Break!
Spring is definitely in the air and the long awaited “Mr Golden Sun” has arrived!

On Tuesday during our Preschool assembly Ms Lauma presented a frame of wax cells where the bees store honey! The children watched a video and enjoyed learning a wonderful bee dance. They also met a mysterious visitor – the Queen of Bees that came straight from the woods and the children had the chance to taste some honey that the bees had collected in Latvian meadows. Later on Preschoolers participated in another circle dance – “Who’s in there?” and learned the song ‘’I’m bringing home my baby bumblebee’’.

This week Toddlers worked like little busy bumble bees! We painted bumble bees and created our own 3 D bumble bees! Come and see them around on the walls in our classroom! This week they also explored some mini beasts outside on the playground. Guess what they found? A ladybug!!! Later at Ms Valda’s Art class Toddlers created some colourful ladybugs.

Preschool 1 started the week by celebrating Oto’s 4th birthday!  Happy Birthday Oto!  During this week the Preschool 1 children made bees (with wax paper wings) at Ms Valda’s Art class to add to our classroom garden art instillation!  In class we have already worked on creating some caterpillars, bees, a bee hive, and flowers from which the working bees can collect nectar and pollen to make honey and honey bread!  During Ms Maria’s IT class children sorted various mini beast by categories: three parts to a body; two parts to a body; without or with legs (six, eight, or more); and with or without wings.  The Preschool 1 children demonstrated their thinking skills in Ms Ruta’s Music class as she continued to work with children on various music beats by clapping-out words including: worm (whole note), bee (quarter note); spi-der; la-dy-bug; grass-hopp-er; and cat-er-pill-ar!  On Thursday we took advantage of the wonderful weather and went on a walking field trip around the neighbourhood and past the river Daugava.  Children were so alert to all the changes that have taken place in the last two weeks since our last field trip!  We saw yellow dandelions; long green grass; ant, flies, and spider webs; lots of new flowers including tulips, forget-me-nots, violets, and almond and other blossoming trees!  I think we can FINALLY say that spring has arrived!

Preschool 2 children have been learning about mini beasts not only in our classroom but also with specialist teachers. In Music they sang and played a song about Creepy Crawly Calypso.  In Art, they made various mini beasts out of modelling clay and painted them once the clay had dried. In the classroom, Preschool 2 children made some bees out of pebbles and cut out some pop-up beehives in which their bees can live. We went on a walking field trip around Kipsala to discover if we could spot some bees and other mini beasts. We came to the conclusion that this week there are not so many bees around in this area even though many bushes and flowers are in full bloom! On Thursday we went to the forest together with Kindergarten and Grade 4 students. We took a walk in the forest together with kindergarteners to show them the birdhouses and to explore the surroundings. Our greatest discovery was to find that there are ants that live under ground! They enter their homes through little holes in the sand! This week we also had some special visitors in our class: Miss Anna had brought some tad poles and flies, and even a birds’ nest to school to share with us!  We finished the week by drawing some bees and putting them up on the display board in the hallway. Enjoy!:)   

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