Friday, 17 May 2013

May 13-17

This week, the preschool children have been learning about ants.  We started the week with getting together and exploring the main characteristics, habitats and interesting facts about these amazing mini beasts. Just like bees, ants live in colonies, have their own specific job and strongly depend on each other. We watched a small part of a movie about ants you might wish to keep or even finish watching at home with your child: .  During the preschool assembly on Wednesday afternoon we sang and acted out some songs about mini beasts. Children really enjoyed marching while listening to and singing along to “The Ants go marching…”:
We also emphasised the importance of being caring towards mini beasts and what exactly are the actions we can take: observing mini beasts in their natural habitat or capturing them for a short time to observe and then let them go back to their homes. We have some real ants in a transparent box that we are observing and they will go back to their ant hill very soon. :) Ooh, we had another special visitor this week: Mr Squiggles, a hamster. Thank you, Gabriela, for the wonderful presentation!
This week started-off with some really good news - Toddlers welcomed 2 new classmates – Krista and Marija! Hoorey! All week long Toddlers worked like little busy ants – we painted our own anthills, observed how the tadpoles grow bigger and bigger (they like to eat our Swimmy’s fish food!), and talked about snails and worms with our friends from Kindergarten class. We loved the sunshine outside so much that we spent most of the time outside on the playground and, guess what – we found lots of ladybugs and ants - they live in the bushes! Dear mommies, as you read this, how did you like our Mother’s day surprises? - the flowers that we planted in our self-made flower pots! And just in case if it rains on the weekend – we created some very nice umbrellas for you too J
Preschool 1 children enjoyed making black and red 3D ants from egg cartons as well as 2D ant colonies during which thinking and counting skills were tested as the children added 6 legs and 2 antennae to each ant!  On two separate occasions we had a snail visiting us – one from Ulysses in Kindergarten and the other from Mrs Stellmach. We also had Birk’s brother Brage show-and-tell information about his pet beetle with us!  Other visitors included ants, a bee, and our non-mini beast friends the tadpoles (who do, however, enjoy a mini beast as a snack later in life when they turn into frogs!).  The children started to make A,B,A,B patterns with red and black ants and next week we will continue with this activity.  Children also transformed a very large cardboard box into a garden scene (with daisies, corn flowers, and tulips) in which we hope to display some spiders next week!!!
In Preschool2, we made ants and anthills in class. Please, prepare space at home for another 3D art project! :) The children have spotted many ants outdoors and have been observing them closely. They also often remind each other:” Do not step on ants!” Thanks to Ilai’s family for preparing the yummy muffins we shared in class on Thursday!

We are looking forward to the weeks coming to explore even more mini beasts! :)

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