Friday, 12 April 2013

The Art of Sharing under the Rainbow!

During this past week the main focus in Preschool has been the festive events and insightful and creative activities of the International Days.  During the opening ceremony on Wednesday morning the cultural costumes/dress worn by children, along with the 33 different flags represented at ISR, filled the gym hall with wonderful colours, enthusiasm and warmth.  We all learned some details and facts about each of the countries represented and heard a little bit of each anthems. We were all participants: families and friends sitting and standing in the audience; and children and staff on the move!  As children and staff walked behind their country’s flag then a sense of pride, and respect for others, flowed from one to the next.  It was a very special and meaningful event and provided a learning opportunity for all. 

Following the ceremony, and over the next two days, the Preschool children took part in various activities that focused on The Art of Sharing. Each child took part in three activities: song and movement, a story, and an art experience.

In our story You, Me and the Rainbow by Petrea King, a mother wraps her child in each colour of the rainbow before wishing a good night.  This story had a deeper message and looked at the symbolic colours of the rainbow (friendship, love, peace, happiness, safety, security, generosity) and how we as individuals, families, and communities can share these qualities and gestures with other near and far. We practiced this by simply placing our hand on our hearts and extending our own rainbow to either someone we know or someone we may not know.  

The movement activity presented children with a creative experience where each colour of the rainbow represented a different animal and it's movement and language: red starfish, orange lion, yellow snake, green frog, blue butterfly, purple octopus, pink flamingo…..  Might we be an animal, a person, a plant or a mineral, we are all guests on this earth and we all have an opportunity to sense and share the colours of the Rainbow. 

In the art activity we made this unique rainbow with many different materials.  Children's hand prints transformed into flowers sprouting, budding and blooming under the colours of the rainbow.  We share this world with billions of other people and by sharing our colours of love and peace with others we are learning to make this precious earth, the world we live in, a better place. We would like to share with you our beautiful Rainbow and flowers we have made!

On Wednesday afternoon Nika, our well travelled Toddler, presented the Preschool group with pictures of her trip around the world! Starting from Riga, to Sanfancisco... Australia... New Zealand... Indonesia... India... Our busy itinerary and trip through the rest of her travels will continue next Wednesday!  Thank you to Nika's family!

During the walks through the table exhibits the children, big and small, were all exposed to so many interesting pictures, artifacts, foods, flags, and maps!  Thank you to all the families involved in participating in this insightful and delicious event! Finally, the concert presented by 14 different country representatives brought much enjoyment and humour to the Preschool children.  

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