Friday, 5 April 2013

April 2nd-5th, 2013

This week the Preschool students continued to explore substances including water, paint and oil. During our morning assembly we experimented with adding food colouring to water into a clear bottle... and then we added oil to this mixture.  Some of the questions we discussed included: What hapens when we add food colouring to water?  Will they mix together or stay separate? What will happen when we add oil to water?  Will they mix together or stay apart? Why is this so?  As a result of this experiment we discovered that food colouring mixes into water and the drops of colour make the water colourful.  We also observed that when oil is added to the colourful water then the oil always finds its way up to the top of the mixture and the two (water and oil) do not mix even when we shake it vigorously for a really long time! Oil will stay on the top of the water because the oil is lighter than water! In fact, for those of you interested in a more specific scientific insight in the matter:  An oil molecule is heavier than a water molecule. But a gallon of water is heavier than a gallon of oil because water is denser, meaning the molecules are closer together. Therefore, there are more molecules in a gallon of water than in a gallon of oil, making it heavier!

This week the Preschool 1 children explored the sequence of the colours of the rainbow and children coloured their own rainbows by following examples of rainbow pictures.  Various games involving numbers and shapes, and number recognition activities, were a focus this week.  Shape within shape pictures challenged the children and they it was a lot of fun to trace, count and identify the number on a number line.  The concept of opposites were further explored and new opposites were discovered and added to their repertoire: float/sink, let go/hold tight, and clothed/naked.

 This week Toddlers loved to explore all the mud, snow and ice during outside time on the playground. They were also busy collecting pieces of ice and making mud cakes with their friends.
The Toddlers fully enjoyed their Art lesson with Ms Valda. They created pictures of pussy willows by using some very colourful and sticky materials, as well as real pussy willows! We truly hope that by making this art project we will soon make Spring welcome! We even sang "Mr Golden Sun" (Toddlers favourite song this season) to make it even more welcoming!

The Toddlers are very happy to welcome our student Nika back from her trip around the world! We are so happy to have you back in our class!
A new boy Deni joined us this week; welcome, Deni to Preschool2! On Wednesday, we read the book “It looks like spilled milk…’ in class and the children did a hands-on activity afterwards. They worked with a partner and spilled some “milk” (white paint + water) on a piece of paper and then told what they thought the spilled liquid looked like. They had some wonderful ideas, like: hedgehog, bouncy balls, insect, race horse, space. We had an outstanding writing session on Friday where all the children together wrote the title page for their book for our current UOI. They demonstrated great writing skills, were very patient and were proud about their work in the end. On Thursday we went on a fieldtrip to forest and had lots of fun there. We did the usual marshmallow toasting and made some hot chocolate on the fire place. This time the children made sculptures out of snow and using any other materials, like twigs and pinecones they could find. We had some wonderful snowmen, mickey mouse, castles and houses. As much as we would like them, we hope that they will be melted by the time we go to the forest again!:)

A reminder for Preschool parents: International days will be celebrated on Wednesday April 10th and Thursday April 11th! Stay tuned and don't forget to wear your national costumes!

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