Friday, 19 April 2013

April 15-19

This week the Preschool children have worked very hard on preparing for the Student-led Conferences. In Preschool that means going through all the work students will present to their parents and practising all of the details they wish to include in this special sharing process. The students are ready and really looking forward to celebrating their success in learning with their families!
This week in the Toddler class the main focus was on colours and rainbows. Children sorted objects by colours, matched colours according to flowers, created clouds with rainbows and learned to name colours in English.
They also learned to recognize number 5 in the environment and practiced the songs about number 5. So now our first books about numbers, as well as our big, thick folders with many different projects, are ready for presenting to our Toddler parents at the Student-Led conference which will take place tomorrow – Saturday, April 20 @ ISR. Welcome to the conference!
Preschool 1 - The week started off with the exploration of a new texture, plasticine.  We started to make plasticine pictures by rolling the material in little ball shapes and pressing them onto the cardboard picture outline.  We used our fingers like paintbrushes to flatten and spread the material.  The Preschool 1 children also enjoyed making collages with Ms Valda during Arts class.  We used different textures, shapes, colours, and objects including: balls made of aluminium; beads; translucent colourful plastic forms; and various kinds of materials.
On Thursday the weather was so beautiful that we decided to take the opportunity and go on a walking field trip around the neighbourhood and along the river Daugava!  When we returned then children reflected upon the many things we saw and heard and among them were: flowers (yellow, purple and white); green grass; spiders; birds (ducks, crows, and seagulls) and their songs; dog; boats (big and small); the river Daugava; Zebra crossing; Olivia’s, Vanesa’s, Wolf’s homes; signs of spring (buds); and water.  We even saw our classmate Leela and her mummy at the window as we passed their house!  It was a wonderful walk and the Preschool 1 children demonstrated very good partner and line-up skills! Super!  Children expressed surprise and joy when we saw the first snowbells!
Preschool 1 and Preschool 2 children have started to look at the SFA sounds for the second time.  This week we learned and reviewed sounds and the cue to write them correctly: ‘m’ (The man marches on mountains.  From the man go down, climb one mountain and another - /mmm/ ); ‘a’ (‘’Alphie asks for apples.’’ Left around the apple and down the leaf /aaa/); and ‘s’ (The snake slides and slithers. Left around, right around, from head to tail - /sss/).
The Preschool 2 children really enjoy working in partnerships and they practised this skill by presenting their work for the Student-led Conferences with a partner. Since they have improved in their speaking and listening skills considerably then the whole process has been quite successful. On Thursday we went on a fieldtrip to the forest and we were so excited to discover that nearly all the snow had melted! Ms legzdina came with us this time and we had our story time in forest. We could also hear far more birds singing this time than during the previous time. The ants were awake and “having a workshop” in their anthill. J The children spotted several ladybugs and some yellow butterflies. But the greatest excitement of all was to find a frog - a really huge frog the children decided to name Ben Benton. He seemed quite surprised and decided to hide under the moss. J We are really looking forward to the next trip to the forest when we will officially have the new Unit of Inquiry about Mini-beasts!

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