Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Preschool children have spent this week in Easter spirit. We started the week by exploring the differences between fresh and boiled eggs. The children made predictions what would happen if a boiled egg fell down and if a fresh egg fell down on the floor.  We also listened to songs about Humpty-Dumpty. On Wednesday we coloured eggs by wrapping some leaves, pasta, tea and rice around them. We then boiled the eggs in water together with onion skins. The children really enjoyed opening the eggs later on that day and seeing all the different patterns on them!  We finished the week with going on a field trip to Tervetes Nature Park. The children experienced some Easter related activities at the Elf Workshop (Ruku darbnica) led by Elves! We also enjoyed some elf tea and a cookie afterwards. The children had great fun looking for shiny, colourful chocolate eggs in forest at the very end of our trip.
Happy Easter!

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