Friday, 15 March 2013

March 11-15

This week the pre-schoolers have explored how various foods change when mixed, whisked or baked.  We started the week with whisking some sweet cream and observing the changes that take place in the process. The children described what the substance looked like in the beginning; white, soft, liquid, wet. Then the children made predictions whether anything will change while whisking. Some children thought that the colour will change; some said that the amount will change.  They were really excited to watch that the cream increased more and more in the bowl as we whisked it! Then we put some of the whipped cream in little jars and shook it! The children saw the colour changing to yellow and were excited to learn that we actually had made butter all together! They tasted it on some rye bread.  We added some sugar and cocoa powder to the remaining whipped cream and enjoyed that as well afterwards! We have done more cooking in all the Preschool classes this week.
This week was busy in Toddler class. Doing arts & crafts, singing songs, learning about shapes and building houses of shapes and most importantly welcoming back one of our Toddler team teachers Ms Evita after her maternity leave! Little ones enjoyed making goop and exploring it by themselves. They started to create a book about numbers. They were counting apples, dogs and other things around in the class! It’s so much fun!
The Preschool 1 children demonstrated their knowledge as they picked the letter of their name and expressed their creativity as first applied water colours, and then added different textures (soft, rough, fluffy, smooth, slippery) to the upper and lower case letter!  The children enjoyed making pink goop with Ms Valda during the beginning of the week and as time passed then we discovered that the goop changed in its tactile feel: from sticky, ‘goopy’ and malleable to tough, hard and separable into bits!  Previously we explored play dough but this week we made cookie dough by adding sugar to butter and mixing it well.  Then we added vanilla sugar, flour and two eggs.  We used our hands and rolling pins to flatten the dough and press out different shapes.  We discussed what happens to soft dough when we put it into a very hot oven… they bake and turn hard and ready to eat!  Mmmmm, the result was delicious! During the week the preschool 1 children also explored the light and colour work tablet and demonstrated their counting skills as they sorted the different shapes.  We would also like to thank Vladimir’s mum for coming to the class last Friday to share a book in Russian with the Preschool 1 children which  Ms Zoja translated into English.  Thank you!  Finally, this week we enjoyed reading Green Eggs and Ham!
In Preschool 2, we made butter out of left over sweet cream on Tuesday. Then we used it for making muffins the next day. The children enjoyed making the dough, baking the muffins, watching the marshmallows melt on them and, of course, eat them in the end! We made some jelly on Thursday by mixing gelatine with juice and some yoghurt. We are also slowly getting into the Easter spirit and made some Easter eggs by using various materials. The children tried to describe all the different textures of materials used for the eggs: soft, fluffy, smooth, and rough. The children also worked together with a partner to share their projects about less, more and equal they had made last week.

We are looking forward to the next week to find out more about mixing different colours!

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