Friday, 8 March 2013

How the world works: Sand, Water, Goop, and Dough!

In the beginning of the week the theme: Sand, Water, Goop, and Dough! was further explored in a Preschool Assembly with new materials and substances of sand and water.  What will happen when sand is added to water.  Will it float or sink?  The children were also introduced to some magic sand that, when poured into water, it could be scooped out completely dry!  Snow, ice, sand and water are being constantly explored during outside time and children are demonstrating their interest in the changes that are taking place in the playground on a daily basis!

This week Toddlers explored a new material - sand. They worked on a science project by creating “magic sand” and using glue. Toddlers also continued to work on recognizing shapes and have become really enthusiastic about triangles and rectangles!

The Preschool 1 children demonstrated their knowledge in recognizing opposites including: hot/cold, empty/full, day/night, front/back, girl/boy, stop/go, big/small, slow/fast, top/bottom, hard/soft, laughing/crying, happy/sad, open/close, up/down, sweet/sour, tall/short, near/far, clean/dirty, left/right, wide/narrow, liquid/solid, old/new, short/long, sitting/standing, sweet/salty, whole/divided, prickly/soft, many/few, outside/inside, and awake/sleeping!  During IT we continued to explore the concept of mixing colours and what the outcomes can be.  The introduction of different textures has begun including: soft, rough, fluffy, slippery, woolly, and fuzzy.  We are continuing our experiments with the scale in weighing fluffy balls, rocks, and a range of different toys.  The children are becoming more comfortable in presenting their personal toys and books in a show-and-tell activity.  There was also much caring and sharing evident in the PE lesson that Preschool 1 partook in with the grade 3 students!  Finally, we are very excited to have our new students Nikola join our Preschool 1 group!  Welcome Nikola!

The Preschool 2 group has a new student joining our class this week; welcome, Krist─źna, to Preschool2!  This week Preschool2 children have had a hands-on experience to mix sand, water and gravel. They were really eager to see what happens if they mixed them all together. They were quite surprised to see the water on the table after they poured it into a cup; well, you can pour in a cup only as much as it can hold, right? :)  We spent the whole morning on Wednesday to work on mastering the concepts of less, more and equal. The children had to count various objects, write numbers, and decide which side the crocodile’s mouth will be open to ( < to the side where there are more objects). We also introduced children to the concept of opposites by reading a book and watching a short movie.  They worked together with a partner to find some of the opposites in the classroom or to show them with movements. They have also enjoyed some Curious George games on the Smart Board about mixing colours and playing at the beach. We were very proud to see what a great job they did taking turns to touch the pictures by themselves!  Exciting, exciting: in Arts with Ms Valda we made slime!! We had so much playing with it and exploring it!

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