Friday, 1 March 2013

February 25 - March 1

On the first day after our Ski Break all Preschoolers came together to learn about our new PYP  unit of inquiry “Sand, Water, Goop and Dough”. The central idea of it is: Things in our environment move, change, disappear and surprise us. Preschool teachers had brought in big pieces of ice and snow, buckets of hot and cold water and the children had the chance to explore them and make predictions about what will happen with these substances if we keep the in a warm classroom/ add hot water/ add more snow and mix it all together! We just could not believe – it all melted and turned into water! On Tuesday all Preschoolers came together for the assembly and shared photos from “The Teddy Bear Hospital” visit in Preschool from the last day before Ski Break with those children who were not present on that day and remembered about what’s been learned in this workshop about health and hygiene. We have several the doctors-to-be in our Preschool and they surely know how to care for the sick soft toys and dolls. It was great fun both for all the children!
This week Toddlers started to explore our new UoI ,,Sand, Water, Goop and Dough’’. The little ones enjoyed painting with water colours and playing with water in our big sensory table. Ms Britta helped them to explore, what happens with water when we add some soap into it. During their first Art lesson they became little scientists and made goop (Play-dough) by mixing different ingredients together with our Art teacher Ms Valda! It’s been a very exciting first week of our new unit and we look forward to many more explorations and experiments with different materials and substances!
Throughout the week the Preschool 1 children explored changes that take place with ice, snow, and water and what happens to each as they are combined.  The children demonstrated their creativity through the use of colours on snow in Art class with Ms Valda.  Each plate was unique and looked delicious!  During IT class the children were introduced to the concept of light colour and how a combination of all colours creates the colour white in the light form!  It was also discussed that this combination of colours has a different outcome when substances, like paints, are combined.  The concept of opposites was also introduced and the children have been applying some of this vocabulary including: big/small, hard/soft, clean/dirty, and hot/cold.  Songs such as ‘’open shut them’’ have touched upon the theme of opposites and the Preschool 1 children demonstrated their thinking skills as the concepts of opposites were being explored through the use of scales.  We were making predictions whether colourful fluffy balls or large pebbles are heavier or lighter.  Preschool 1 children also recognized opposite emotions as we discussed our angry penguin versus our I am cool penguin!  
In the beginning of the week the Preschool 2 children worked on their Portfolios by reflecting on our previous UOI. They were very confident about their knowledge! We also got mail - a postcard from Rome where Aino’s family spent their holidays. We got into the spirit of our new UOI, and the state of our playground has helped us a lot in it! The children have been very excited to find pieces of ice outside, to watch snow melt as well as mix sand both with water and ice together! J In Art with Ms Valda the children experienced how a paper paste is being made (mix water with paper powder!) and how does it feel when touched (soft; like porridge; warm; sticky). And the last exciting news is that Swimmy, the fish, is visiting our room and hopefully will stay with us for another month! J  

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